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Discover Chi in China
with Master Luke Chan
Intensive ChilelTM Qigong
private studies with Master Luke Chan
in ZhongShan, China (near Hong Kong)
Dec 1 to 15 US 2,795* limited space
Jan 1 to 15   limited space
Jan 22 to Feb 5   reserved
March 1 to 15   reserved
April 1 to 15   limited space
May 1 to 15   limited space
June 1 to 15   limited space
July 1 to 15   limited space
August 1 to 15   reserved
**For other dates please email  lukechan@chilel.com


*Fee includes tuition, lodging and food. The price does not include traveling expenses outside mainland China. You will need to pay your own expenses in Hong Kong, such as hotel, taxi and ferry to and from Hong Kong to China.  Please contact Master Chan through email lukechan@chilel.com for enrollment.


Retreat place



What you will learn:

  • Being in China itself will enhance your chi!!! Daily practice with a master of over 40-year chi-experience will accelerate your process of discovering chi for health, mental clarity, creativity, and vitality. In depth learning of Level One and Level Two of ChiLel, with individualized form corrections by Master Luke Chan. Learn to heal yourself and others through healing circles and chi-field of love and compassion. Enhance your practice and teaching skills by sharing experience with other chi-leaders. 
  • Give a boost to your body, mind and spirit by practicing ChiLel many hours a day (four to eight hours, individual varies)  with Master Luke Chan.

*Fee includes tuition, lodging and food. The price does not include traveling expenses outside mainland China. You will need to pay your own expenses in Hong Kong, such as hotel, taxi and ferry to and from Hong Kong to China.  The transportation is very convenient in Hong Kong and most people can speak English. From Hong Kong, you will take a ferry to ZhongShan, China. We will welcome you at the ferry terminal in China.  We will give you a more detail direction once you have scheduled your arriving time.You will also need a China tourist visa obtained through the Chinese Embassy in your country.


Students pose in front of retreat place.

Class in session

Time to say goodbye to the frogs, evergreens and flowers.


April 2012 group at the lakeside restaurant (Mina, front row, second from right; Rick on back row)

Luke Chan's generosity of spirit is astounding. It is totally effortless as it comes from love. He loves the Tao, so he transmits love. Natural Long Life Tao - love yourself, love others, love nature. He is what he teaches, reminding us with passion that we are all born masters, on the way to returning to being One, like when we were babies. Mina
Trainers:  Luke leads the training, but there are also two additional masters.  We have learned several qigong skills, each one of which yields a new and positive result.  The purpose of the training is to improve memory, personal power, creativity and health.  It is extraordinarily well designed and yields multiple benefits including more energy, vitality, relaxation, and calmness.  Luke enriches the training with stimulating discussions on the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confusionism.  He is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed.  Luke models the practices and does not impose his point of view or values on us.  He encourages us to find our own way.  Every day there are delightful surprises and new challenges. Rick


Radiating smile reflection of springtime calm lake

What our students say......

Comment from Tom Shirley, USA "I'm convinced that if I lived in China for the rest of my life I will always be awed by it's beauty and mystery. For me it is a grown up playground that makes life worth living. It is clear to me why you feel it is so necessary that the serious students of QiGong need to come to China. In fact I would say that the QiGong student who does not experience China will never understand the true wonder of the art. "

Comment from Danuta, Canada

"The New Year began and I sensed that my qi gong practice was incomplete and unfocused. Then I saw the invitation to study for a month in China with Luke. It seemed like it was meant to be. Here was the opportunity to learn in a small group situation, have the program tailor-made for my level and capability, be taught Eastern knowledge in a way that is accessible to my Western mind! As far as I know, there is nothing offered like this elsewhere. I decided to accept the invitation and enter into it without preconceived notions of what it would be like. Now that I am back home, it is starting to dawn on me how rare the month of May was for me. I believe that Luke's unique contribution to the study of qi gong is his devotion to helping his students build a solid foundation. The smallest beginning step in connecting with the chi field is the most important. He refuses to hurry a student into superficial "progress." Instead he gives his all trying to impart to his students to what is basic and so they can appreciate that working at mastery of the simplest level is the key to a most profound qi gong practice. It was truly amazing to perform the same movements I had been doing and see how they were a completely new exercise once I had a different mindset toward them. We did the same movements over and over, day after day. And with each day came a newness to the repetition. I feel humble about my accomplishment this past month, but I also feel greatly encouraged and excited knowing that I came home with a clear idea of what direction my qi gong practice should take. The setting in Zhongshan was ideal. What an experience for us students to be the only foreign faces for the entire month! The city is thriving, yet relaxed. Mango trees line the avenues. I'd never been somewhere that umbrellas were used as parasols. And the food...! I indulged in all the lychee fruit I could possibly eat whenever I wanted it. I will never know the names of many fruits and vegetables, but I purely enjoyed them without labelling. (That applies to the home cooking as well as the restaurant fare.) Our month occurred at a time of intense change for Luke's household since son Peter was just two weeks old when we arrived, yet they opened their hearts as well as their home to us. It is impossible to separate what I learned in qi gong from the atmosphere that surrounded that learning. Although a bit nostalgic as I write this, I am glad to be home and get on with my life. I am fueled by what I experienced - literally. Life is good! "

Bergson from Brasil

When Jailto told me that in January 2012 he would need a surgery to remove a tumor and I told him that it might be done without surgery, chemotherapy or any of the invasive methods of traditional medicine, I didn’t think that it was the beginning of the most fantastic experience of my life.
Since I began a strong effort at self-knowledge and studying  about the existence of our universe, many opportunities of improuvment have arisen subsequently. I took the course Avatar, practice yôga, study Anthroposophy and always seek to expand the knowledge of human possibilities. There is a long time that I believe we have a much greater capacity than that one used normally. However, nothing was unfolding before me a horizon as limitless as Qi Gong and a bit of philosophy in China did.
A week after the initial conversation were on a flight of 13 hours from Johannesburg to Hong Kong, but it was slow compared to the changes I have seen here, both in me, as in Jailto.
By practicing Chi Lel for a week, even amid difficulties to perceive any significant advance in the exercises and the frustration of not having the ability to perform others, I realized that a signal - like a wart - which had appeared in my head was not there! I looked for it carefuly and found out that it actually disappeared. I had shown it to a friend in Angola shortly before the trip and I commented with her that I would need to take it out as well as other three that already existed for some time and were growing. So I looked for the other 3, of which only two remain, much smaller than they were 15 days ago!
After a few years practicing yôga with good attendance, certainly I have seen improvement, which always seemed to me very fast, leading me inevitably to acquire a certain body awareness. However, some limitations have not yet been overcome and the advance became slower with time.
Continuing the practice of Chi Lel, before the end of the second week I could finally feel accomplished, realizing significant changes in me. My body awareness has changed incredibly. It was not noticeably gradually over months or years, as in yôga, instead it  happened almost instantly. I tried to do an exercise with breathing and it seemed impossible, I run out of air, missed coordination, I just couldn’t do it. I was used to advanced pránáyámas, with bandha and rhythm so it was a huge frustration not being able to do it. After a short break and the master’s help as a magic I just could do the Gong. But this was not all. The results obtained with the execution of the exercise are what is really impressive. Within the next second I felt whole body differently, could move through it with my conscience and take it from the head to migmin (behind the navel) without difficulty.
Noting this change I decided to do some ásanas, and then came the big surprise: "suddenly" I was able to remain in positions of standing balance that until the day before I absolutely couldn’t, as  for example vakra jánúrdhásana. Then I took a step further: I tried  it closing my eyes and although it was not so stable, of course, I still  could stand. I never managed to do it before.
I comment these physical changes initially because they are the ones that are most incredible, specially in today's world, where people think that physical reality is solid and unchanging although Einstein already knew 60 years ago that matter is only a condensation of the void. Also, yôga seems to me a great reference, first because it is a more known than Qi Gong, at least in Brazil, and second because the vast majority of practitioners with whom I talk can not accept they may engage in any other activity, whether alternative or cumulative.
However, the expansion of consciousness, wellness and availability of energy to do anything are also remarkable, not to mention that to transmit knowledge without restriction; knowledge that can lead to rapid advances and come to some real practical result, Master Luke did not require eternal fidelity, didn’t ask we assume the role of devoted disciples and followers, didn’t make any mystery and neither suggested that I leave the yôga, beer or anything else. Instead, he made it always clear that what he is teaching is not supposed to be used as a substitute of what I did before, but to be added to the knowledge I already had and that should be used not to exclude other things, but for add up.
In Johannesburg I have a 50 years old friend who continually says he’s an old man, not to mention the many people I know under 40 who refer to themselves as being immutable, pronouncing what seems to me worst than a death sentence: "This is the way I am, it’s not possible to change!"
During these days here in China I observe significant changes in Jailto, who is 70 old since November, and who is transforming his life so deep that many 20 years old people think they will not have  enough time to do! Changes take place at all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. He is healthier, happier and more stable than I witnessed since I first met him.
The clarity and stability experiment by me in moments of sitting meditation has also been incredibly different from what I could achieve in previous years, but certainly I can speak more broadly about the whole experience after the next few days, when I return to daily life and better integrate all learning.
It is essential to be clear that although the changes are effective, simple and rapid healing in every way possible and real, they demand an effective work, they do not appear magically from nowhere, neither can be the responsibility of others. It must be earned with real work.



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