The Magic of a simple toy
Afsaneh of Holland poses with the "simple toy" of a musical box which gave her the inspiration to turn her dantien to get results.  

Master Luke Chan showed us an easy way to understand how it is possible to hold the concentration in the dantian while the body moves in various ways and directions. Look at the toy in the picture: There is a windmill in front of the house. We turn the windmill in one direction the dragon next to the windmill is going to move in a different direction. This is exactly how our mind and body works. The mind in the dantian is the windmill, which directs the movements of our body, which is the dragon. You can apply this image to all movements of the body and mind method and later on in all daily life movements of our body.

No matter what movement you choose to do, the dantian turns inside and the chi is breathing. The body follows the command of the mind.

It is worth trying to go to a toyshop, just to experience this image. 


Pull and Push Arms

Through easy visualization we get the sensation of the power in our dantian as the chi is breathing. From The Center (dantian) we discover the body and mind connection and we can do many movements- gongs with ease and joy to get the benefits of healing powerful chi.

This is how I discovered to hold the arms up in push and pull position.


l       Bring the attention into the Center-dantian.

l       Imagine the straight line in the body from Baihui to Huiyin.

l       Feel the Bow in your mingmen (tuck in).

l       Imagine a stationary, heavy, round object, which turns counter or clockwise in dantian area. Create 6 beats from mingmen to navel and another 6 beats from navel to mingmen (total 12 beats).

l       The beats, pushing forward in one direction, give the sensation of the power and keep the awareness of the body.


Arm Movement

l       The beats start from mingmen to navel or vice versa (either sides).

l       Start with the beats (6) and bring your arms up to the shoulder level.

l       Relax the arms and shoulders by each beat while moving upward.

l       The next movement is to pull the arms inward by the power of each and every (6) beat (from naval to mingmen).

l       When reached mingmen the next cycle begins to push the arms out. The power of each beat moves one arm while the other one follows (and rests).

l       Remember the focus is the sensation of power in the dantian area.

l       First we focus on the movement of the arms, eventually we create more awareness in other parts of the body (like legs).



l       The Center (Dantien) is the place where the power of the mind moves the body.

l       The magic of this movement and many other movements is that although we move both arms the attention is just on one arm, and the other arm follows the movement. This is called the Yin-Yang effect.

l       Between each two beats while we relax (not collapse) our body, we experience Wu Chi (emptiness).


Some Tips

l       Keep and hold the images as easy as possible.

l       Do not become the image. Use it as long as you feel the sensations then let it go.

l       Relax but not collapse.

l       Breathe by your dantian.


A Cup of precious Ginsing Tea

One of the wonderful results of practicing Qigong Chilel is to feel sweet saliva running in the mouth while pressing the tong to the upper pallet. This holly water is one of the most precious gifts of practicing Qigong. Swallowing this fluid (is scientifically proved) increases the immune system and has very valuables effects on the health of the body.

And as Master Luke Chan said: “it is like a cup of precious Gingsing Tea provided by our own healing powers within”.