Afsaneh Tehranchi of Holland practices Press Up and Down Gong in China.  

How to do press up and down gong.

Imagine a heavy round stone mill in your dan tien turning from either side but in one direction.

Half of the circle of the stone meal is absorb and the other half is release. Each half of the circle consists of six beats.

First bend down, relax your knees and put your hands on your feet.

Start turning the stone mill from your mingmen towards your navel and sense power and heaviness of the stone mill.

Go down with each beat and concentrate on your right leg.

By the sixth beat your body is pushed down.

Now begin with the other half of the circle (left side) starting from your navel to mingmen.

Go up with each beat and concentrate on your left leg, while the chi in your dantian is turning and pushing your body up.

In this way you rest one leg by each push up or down and you can easily hold the posture for a longer period to practice a gong.