Frank Lageweg is being tested for his rooting while doing the 3-Center Standing Method  in China.  
I've found the Power in ChiLel

This month in China is very special to me. Master Luke Chan learned us how to use power in chilel. The first time I read about chilel, I was impressed about it's great healing power. Then I started to practise chilel and although I liked the movements, I had the feeling I was missing something. Having done and still doing a lot of martial arts, I missed the 'yang' part in chilel. Chilel felt really relaxing, but I missed the power in it and sometimes I felt even a kind of weak after practising. This month Master Luke Chan showed and explained to us the tremendous internal power chilel has.

First of all, he taught us to put our monkey (mind) in the dantien. The monkey shouldn't be everywhere around, but has to be controlled in the dantien.
Then we had to imagine a heavy, round and turning object in the dantien like a stone or watermill, screwdriver and the monkey to turn it. This to emphasize power. This turning power corresponds with the Release - Absorb of  the CD's.  In between Release - Absorb, there is a moment of nothingness: Wu chi. This is a moment of relaxing, but still with power in it. Master Luke Chan explained  the difference between relaxing and collapsing.
Collapsing is letting go, without any strength. This is not the purpose. There should be some
strength in every movement at all times. So it is important to treat every movement the same way. Every movement in chilel is important and every movement has to be done with power. 
We did a lot of gongs in order to get the sensation of this strong powerforce in the dantien.
Gradually the image disappeared and the sensation  became stronger.
In line with this, we worked  hard on the body mind connection: all  movements starts from and are done, by this turning powerforce. So, if you want to move your hands to the front, to the horizon, it is because of  the turning powerforce.
The difference for me is that I feel a lot of power in the chilel. And and the same time, it is more truly relaxing, because the power comes from the dantien and not from the muscles. Filled up with internal power and more relaxed, it is just wonderful and I am very grateful to have learned this.
Beside of this, we did  a lot of rooting exercises. To be rooted, it is important to open the mingmeng, so we did a lot of gongs in order to open the mingmen and get more the sensation of the bowl in the backdantien (mingmen area) . We pushed each other from different angles and because you didn't want anyone to disturb your balance, it was important to use your instinct.
 Pushing  is the ultimate test to check if you really have this turning power. So you need to feel this turning force inside and you need to have a sinking sensation.  This also this brought me deeper in my power.
Right now, chilel feels completely different for me.