Erin Taylor picking lychee in China.  

How to visualize releasing and absorbing to get results.

"Expanding my mind made me feel that my true self was bigger than the illness..."

What I feel:

I feel my cells as tiny particles in my body.

I feel my body as a tiny particle in the universe.

My mind joyfully embraces the macrocosmic and the microcosmic levels of being.

When I expand my mind and body together into the universe I feel I am healed and nourished by union with Hunyuan Chi. As I expand, I use my imagination to disperse my body into separate cells, each cell carrying the identity of my whole being. My cells bathe in the light, warmth and love of Hunyuan Chi. When I come back to my solid form, the sensation of chi in my body is amplified because now chi surrounds every cell. I believe the healing effect is powerful and I am filled with gratitude and joy.

Several years ago I was seriously ill and confined to bed. I had not learned Chi Lel but I used to expand my mind out to the horizon and beyond it. I felt that I connected  with universe energy which could heal me. Being ill means your sense of self becomes contracted and focused on the suffering you are in. Expanding my mind made me feel that my true self was bigger than the illness, bigger than the suffering identity that trapped me. I think this was important for enabling me to retain a sense of hope and meaning throughout the illness. So when I learned Chi Lel I immediately felt at home with expanding my mind. I believe that when I learned to expand the mind and body  together, not just the mind expanding on it's own, then real healing took place in my cells. The illness disappeared.

What I do:

Sit comfortably on a chair. Relax your body. Feel the solid shape of your body, your whole body, sitting on the chair.

Now move your awareness into your Dantian.

Release: From the Dantian, open out the body with the mind in all directions. As you expand outwards your body ceases to be solid. It disperses into particles, into separate cells, joyfully moving out into the universe, bathing in the light, warmth and love of Hunyuan Chi.

Absorb: From the Dantian, draw the cells back to become again the solid form of your body. Each cell returns to the body healthy and rejuvenated. Each cell brings light, warmth and love back to the body. With gratitude feel the health and vitality in your body.