Yes, the chi massage was useful (Editor: healing digestive system and other internal organs such as liver, pancreas).

by Jerry Leach, London, Uk

This is how I did it:

1. Always go the same way, clockwise.

2. Left hand first, then right. (Maybe she would like

to do it right hand first as she's female..?)

3. Press lightly for the first few days and rotate

round about the circumference of a handball or large

tennis ball.

4. Make sure she is always pressing on the same area

of skin as she goes round( as though the hands are

stuck on the skin).

5. Imagine the hands are inside the abdomen.

Alternatively, imagine a ball of light is rotating

round directly under the hands in the abdomen. This is

where your awareness is.

6. You may feel the awareness spread down your legs as

the ball of light goes past the top of the legs (like

a lighthouse illuminating them).

7. Each day increase the pressure of your hands a

little bit. After 50 days you should be pressing quite


8. Do it for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. For

best results do 45 mins.

I used the 45 minute

Hao-la tape from the 101 miracles set.