Wall Squatting is good for Sex Life!

Master Luke Chan

Wall Squatting has many benefits. Now a scientific study has shown it is good for Sex life! Even though an article by Nigel Glass of Reuters Health has not specifically said what kind of squatting was used in the studies, but

 we believe if wall squatting was used, it should get the same if not better results.  



"A two-year research program at the Cologne University Medical Center in Germany suggests that specially designed physical exercises can be as effective as Viagra (sildenafil) in dealing with some causes of erectile dysfunction."

"The exercise program was aimed at improving the blood supply around the pelvis, buttocks and upper leg muscles through squatting exercises and pelvic and leg lifts. Those who took part attended three weekly sessions."

"Overall, 80 percent of the participants who exercised reported better erections, compared with 74 percent of those taking sildenafil and 18 percent of the placebo group, the researchers found."

Master Luke Chan corrects Erin of New Zealand during her training in Zhong Shan, China.