Healing Experience  in China:


Dear Luke,

Today I can tell you some wonderful news, Luke! I got the results of the blood test I had on May 19 th just a few days ago: there appear to be no more cancer cells!!!! I am just so happy, I couldn't stop crying with release and happiness when I got the letter saying they hadn't found anything at all!!! Although I had noticed changes going on in my body and in my mind, too,this was a strong confirmation that "Chi is real" as you often said and that for me this is the right path.

Concerning my breast the doctor was not absolutely sure that there wasnīt anything left. So he gave me another electric cancer therapy treatment. However, coincidentally the healer, Rubens Faria from Brazil, who I told you about when I was in Zhong Shan, was in Germany again on the same day I had the blood test and the electrotherapy. I went to see him and he said that he didnīt sense any cancer any more. After he had emitted Chi to me and "treated me" he said that he was very happy because he had noticed a big big difference to February when he had last seen me. He said I was much better inside and outside!

So for the first time in almost two years I have the feeling I am healthy again. Iīm still a little cautious but I completely trust in the Chi process!

I want to thank you so very very much for the great gift you gave me, Luke! Itīs such a precious and wonderful method, itīs more than a method actually, itīs feeling deeply connected to life,to my own body, to beauty, grace and the wide and abundant infiníty of the universe.

My practice takes me further on, I can feel a big difference now, itīs become so much richer with the turning!

I hope to see you again in November here in Germany.