Can qigong lead to happiness?

Master Luke Chan

Yes, qigong can lead to happiness and the scientists are now proving it using the latest technology of brain scanning (Professor Owen Flanagan, of Duke University in North Carolina). Happiness is the feeling of positive emotions and well being and is physically associated with the left prefrontal lobes just behind the forehead. According to the neuroscientists, when a person's brain shows activities in this left prefrontal lobes, the person feels happy, less frustrated, less anger than others.

What the scientists are saying is that happiness is not only a mental status but also have its physical roots. When we are practicing qigong, Chilel in particular, we are using the body, mind, chi, and spirit to bring out the positive changes both mentally and physically. It is a permanent change, not only occur during the practice. Visualization and affirmation is a way to bring about the positive changes in the brain.

So practice your gong, happiness will come!!!