Luise, Trish, Jaqueline, Ben (from left to right) celebrates at Peter Chan's Birthday Party.


By Trish Clark

The truth is Luke has given us all access to the secret power of Chi Gong!  The secret is in the turning power of the dantian and everyone can develop this skill if they are willing to practice.  I had to come all the way to China to get this incredible gift and much more.  This trip has revealed a whole new dimension of Chi Gong to me. 


I now know that by putting my mind in the dantian that my spirit is available to operate in my life without the chatter of my mind.  While my mind has quieted I have a new sense of true power, inner strength and calmness that is much deeper than I had previously experienced. 


I am beginning to get a glimpse of the yin and yang in the forms such as the principle of Ching Ling, move yet not to move, to think up while moving down.  I had an understanding of these before, but while I have been here I have felt them starting to work in my practice.  The many gifts I have received are still being unwrapped in my daily practice as I explore the depth of the “secret”.   


 I feel blessed to have made this journey to a wonderful land and return home with many Chi treasures!


Much love and chi



China Experience


by Ben G. Scherpenzeel.


I enjoyed my stay in Zhong Shan very much. The apartment and the food were very good and you cared for everything. Thank you so much.


I discovered my Chi ball and the strength in my body as a center, where you always have to be. You made that very clear in all the stories you told us. In the beginning it was very heavy for me to do all the gongs and sometimes I had to rest a little bit. But I remember your words Quality goes for Quantity very well and I did so. My favorites were the Yee Chi Ball, and all the center movements with relax and sinking. Off course that has also to do with my goal of healing my diabetes. I end up with 30 E for the night insulin 24 hours ahead ( was 70E and no injections at all for the morning and afternoon. I only had to correct my diner with a little insulin. That is a very good result. However, what I realized now very good is, that I have to continue with the exercises as learned. Second thing to do is, to correct my food in Holland .


Next to the program,  I did a lot of reading, books from Chopra, Martina and Hay. I made a list of everything, I have to release and things to do. Sometimes hard to do, but I am feeling very good about it.


When I heard for the first time about the Chinese hospital and Chi-Lel,  I instinctively decided to visit that facility. I was somewhat disappointed, that it was not possible anymore to go there. So I dreamed and made a very strong intention to do something with it.


Than the possibility for a training with you came up and I decided to attend. That you arrange also Master Yang was a very pleasant surprise for me. My intentions seamed to work!  Now, we had a small effective canter in Zhong Shan.  During the day training from you and in the evening meditations with Master Yang and emitting Chi to me.

I admire you,  because you were with us all the time and translated everything from Master Yang without getting impatient.  Great.


What did I learn:


  • Always stay with your awareness in your dantian. Somewhere inside in me is a place, that is very strong and powerful. I can feel the turning.
  • Try to stay there, when you are been attracted from the outside.
  • Get grounded.
  • Clever people never learn. I have the tendency to do so,  and try to get everything at once. I need to slow down and work on that.
  • I like to meditate an I appreciate the work of Deepak Chopra, but similar to do the exercises only from the outside,  I am more connected now with my inner-power zone.
  • Every image is false in the end, than you become the buffalo or the gong or the candle. But using a image is good for training, your feeling and get the sensation.
  • I learned that telling stories is great to teach.
  • I realized even more now, that you have the passion for Chi-Neng and that is a power you cannot ignore as a student.
  • I refreshed my insights about myself by reading several books and get the connection with your teaching.
  • When everything is there, you get in a flow and everything goes smoothly, than you can expend to the universe from your dantian. I have to exercise that more and more.



We did a little site-seeing and I will remember the diners every week with the group and the birthday party with Peter and your family.


You are a very effective and passionate teacher and let people free, that is rare and I appreciate it very much.


Also our conversations about the Spirit , the Mind and the connection with the Body, I remember very well.  I liked that.  I made a diary for myself every day and send it to my partner. It is now a wonderful document for me and my partner Margriet.


I was lucky to enjoy also the group with Luise from Germany , Trish from the USA and Jaqueline from Holland . We had many discussions about images and exercises, but we also shared personal feelings about live and our ego's and the overcoming of that.


Thank you for everything, live well in good health and love, with your family and I wish you lots of Chi.

I hope I can see and work with you again.  Maybe in  November in Holland .

Also my greetings to the Nanny and Master Yang.



My China Experience

by Luise Kohl-Hajek 

Staying in China with Luke has opened a door for me to return to my real self, to that place inside me where I am safe and strong in a healthy way. I have actually learned to create that feeling of "being home" for myself: it just takes sinking in my Dantian right now and sending my 'monkey- mind' there to allow my spirit to enjoy a deep sense of calmness and relaxation. Finally the octopus has realized that besides having tentacles it has got a center, too. It feels a lot different to move my 'tentacles' from this central power station inside my Dantian. However, it took me time to realize the difference and create the turning which is giving me a glimpse of the power of real Chi in my body. The chance of becoming a true body-mind entity excites me and is a wonderful new perspective in my life. This way I may be able to break the unhealthy and inefficient circle of overwork and collapse which I have been trapped in for so many years.

Not knowing that it really existed this is exactly what I have been searching for for so long: a method to train myself to move and work energetically yet relax and be calm at the same time.

I have realized that true strength derives from being anchored in my body and turning the energy mill inside. True relaxation is very different from collapsing and dissolving, because the center is always there to relate to. Provided I will take the effort of practicing continuously and regularly and allow the process to unfold gradually I am convinced Chi-Lel will help me to acquire a structure and eventually retain it at all times by being aware of my center and my physical body and by being in charge of my own mind.

There is deep wisdom in the Taoist principles of Yin and Yang. Chi-Lel is based on these principles. The principles of Ching (moving yet thinking 'not moving') and Ling (going up thinking 'down' and vice versa) are just two concepts that give me an idea of the wonderful treasures waiting to be discovered and integrated into my life. Step by step!

I am just beginning to walk like Little Peter, Luke s one-year-old son who took his first steps into life today.


 Chinese frogs

There´s Chinese frogs out there.

How do I know they are Chinese?

I don´t know what they are saying.

Now does that prove that they´re Chinese or frogs at all?

Barking like huge dogs

Waking me up in the middle of the night..


The other day one of them suddenly

jumped up to the window of our living-room,

A tiny green frog, the size of a kiwi.


It must have been a Chinese one.

How do I know?

I´m sure when it was jumping “up”

It was thinking “down”.



Wan yan chi is plentiful


There is plenty of food, plenty of space,

Plenty of air, plenty of love.

Wan yan Chi is plentiful.

There is plenty of light, plenty of time,

Plenty of good things ahead.

No doubt, if we are connected to Source

There is abundance everywhere.

Wan yan Chi is plentiful.





Deep inside there is healing and power

Turning like a wave rolling on the shore.

The water that formed the wave

Never gets lost.

There is plenty of water, plenty of power

To create new waves- innumerable, unlimited.

An ocean of blue clear space

forever rolling and turning.