"Rosalia's Orange" for visualizing Dantien 

Recorded by Jerry Leach

The basis of this is that the senses must be concentrated in the dantien. The key is to take an external object, such as an orange which symbolizes the dantien. The practitioner first gets an experiential and sensual knowledge of the orange and then internalizes this experience. This helps to focus the mind on the dantien.

Here's how it goes:

First get an orange.

touch the orange. Feel its texture.

Then smell the orange.

Taste the orange.

Look at its colour and size.

Listen to the sound by throwing the orange.

Finally feel the weight of the orange.

Now while closing your eyes, imagine the orange in your abdomen. Recall the feel of it, its colour, size, sound,

taste, and smell. Experience all these sensations down in your dantien. You can even imagine the orange is

resting on and imaginary hand, through which you experience the feel of it. The more you do this exercise, 

the more calm and grounded you will feel. 

Remember though, do not believe that the orange is the dantien. Do not become the image.

Once the visualization of the orange has served its purpose, you can drop it.

How do you know when it has served its purpose?

 When you can feel the dantien and feel focused in it without having to constantly go back to the orange.

To summarise: the goal of this exercise is to concentrate the senses in the dantien, not become the orange!