How to receive / absorb chi
Christine Jordan


   I want to share some visualizations and chi feelings that  I have found helpful in my practice.
   When sending chi inside the body, we visualize going very deep inside the body, the cells, and also inside all the parts  that make up the cells. I now have realized that it is also very important that we learn how to deeply receive the chi. There is the sending and receiving parts. First I feel deep inside and then I feel that area of the body  is conscious and notices the chi being sent to it  and "wakes up" to receive the chi. Also it is not only conscious and notices but, it joyfully receives the chi. Adding the emotion of joy and happiness encourages that part of the body to receive more deeply.
   So, for example , if I send chi into my abdomen, my abdomen immediately notices this and perks up, wakes up, and the has the emotion of gratefulness because I've noticed it, and feels very happy and receives. So in a way ,we have many chi beings inside ourselves that love us when we emit chi inside. One of my students said "Oh, so we don't have an inner child, we have inner children !
   One more thing to remember is that when we feel the chi moving inside our body, the chi itself has consciousness.
   Much love and chi,