Peter (Shou Zhong) Chan
What can we learn from an infant:

by Master Luke Chan

1. Dantien is the body center and where the power is coming from. When a baby stretches his or her feet, he or she does so from the Dantien (somewhere between the navel and Mingmen). That explains why they seem to have so much strength when their muscles have not yet developed.

2. Chi breathing: The abdominal area is large and breathing is obvious from this region. The lungs are not well developed at this stage of life. As the infant grows up, the lungs gradually taking over the task of breathing.

3. Body Centerline: From Baihui to Huiyin, the infant is one straight line. Since an infant cannot walk yet, his spine has not be bent due to the gravity. So the spine is a straight line and he does not need a pillow to sleep.

4. External oriented: As an infant is growing everyday, he needs to stretch his muscles and bones and touch the outside world. Gradually he loses his contact with his inner world. In learning qigong, we need to go back to the inner world. 

5. Need to crawl before walk: If the crawling step is missing, their body will always missing something when they grow up, such as easy prone to seasickness, etc. Learning qigong is the same: we must be patient and each step takes time to complete.