Dear Chilel friends, Today is HyoChul's 10th birthday, a day that did not look as if we could reach 3 years ago. He is healthy, getting stronger every day and we are just so happy to know that there will be many more birthdays. He will be off all medication by Christmas and at his last clinic visit his doctor said that she can now count him as being cured. In the last 20 years she has not seen any children survive the 4/11 translocation with leukemia. But thanks to all the love and Chi that was given to HyoChul he made it! The rejection from the transplant has stabilized, and we are moving forward with this wonderful life, appreciating every moment. Thank you all for helping to save this child, this incredible human being. May love, Chi, peace and great joy surround all of you, Deborah.  Happy Birthday HyoChul
Rapid remission from Stage 4 prostate cancer.

by Ginny Walden 

My student (who wants to remain private) is going into rapid remission from Stage 4 prostate cancer.

When he was diagnosed the cancer had already spread everywhere in his body, and in his bones.
When my student heard about Chi-lel he totally believed in Chi and embraced the practice.
He has now taken several classes from me.
He is doing NO medical treatment of any kind. Just 2 hrs of Chi-lel daily..
He even led a Healing Circle and Practice at the last Full Moon at his home on the west side.
He does 70 Wall Squats now. He does Power Hao-la Hula and 6-Directions La Chi.
Normal PSA counts for his age (74) is between 0-6. In August his PSA counts were 997.
As of October the PSA counts are down to 121!
His attitude is joyful and radiant. He glows and inspires our Thursday morning class.