Hao-La! Spontaneous Healing 


Ginny Walden  is our Senior ChiLel(TM) Instructor and she offers private "chi coaching" for healing cancer. If you are interested in, please contact her at blueskyhealingarts@worldnet.att.net  



by Ginny Walden 

Honolulu, Hawaii


     It is well known in medical circles that someone with cancer will heal more quickly with group support.
In Chi-lel we emphasize the Chi Field or the group loving intention of ten million practitioners.(Therre is actually
a whole province in China practicing Chi-lel.) I encourage those who are healing cancer to practice with a group
as often as possible and to also use the chat forum on the website for support.
      If circumstances prevent you from being with a group, choose a Gong Buddy, which is one fellow student
you can talk to on the phone.You can even practice together over the phone. You can synchronize a practice time
and see the Gong Budy standing in front of you in your mind's eye practicing with you. Then afterwards you can call
and say "Hao-La!", encourage each other and share positive healing stories.
      When I returned home from my trip to China, the Chi-lel Masters insisted on sending me chi daily for a month.
Everday I sat on my bed at 4:30 PM and felt tingles all over my body for ten minutes! Chi is everywhere, so
"long distance" healing is as effective as being in front of the Chi-Lel Masters in China.
     I had one experience of successful spontaneous "remote"healing. When I first started practicing Chi-lel in Santa Fe,
 New Mexico I was sharing the video practice of LCUPCD with whomever wanted to join me. I was just learning Chi-lel
at that time and in the middle of radiation treatments when we held a Full Moon Healing Circle at my home. There were only
4 of us. Then we got a call from a woman named Claire in Santa Fe who wanted to attend the Circle but couldn't come. She said she was in a wheelchair with cancer in her bones from breast cancer and wanted to know if we would send her chi. She said that day she was letting go of all her "family stuff" and she really wanted her cancer gone.. This was excellent and key to her healing. She said her cancer counts were 1100. We told her we would send chi at 8:30PM and for her to synchronize with us and relax, let go  and receive chi. Two of us in the group had cancer and so we really wanted her cancer gone and it was easy to identify with her even though we never met her. Before the healing we talked about uniting our images of the results. We saw bones strong as steel or stone. We saw cancer cells disappear. We spoke in firm commanding tones. We felt the result we wanted in our voices and in our bodies.During the Hao-la we saw the results and commanded: " All cancer gone! " Bones strong!" waving Hao-La at a chair with an imaginary Claire in it seeing her radiant, healthy and sparkling with chi. running along a beach. This took less than five minutes. A few days later Claire called to tell us the good news. She had been to the doctor for a check-up and her cancer counts were down to 1.
     You can also fascillitate healing by asking a friend or a loved one or several family members to do Hao-La (tape no. 5A) with you. This is very powerful because you are already one by blood relation or connected by love. I did this for my 83 year old aunt who had lung cancer. After chemo and radiation the tumor in her lung was only half shrunk. She said with great emphasis that she wanted that tumor out. (This was key to her healing.) She asked me to do the Hao-La. I did the full 45 minutes with the tape and she fell asleep. I saw many hands delivering chi. The next week she called me and the doctor had confirmed her tumor was gone!
     What is it that fascillitates a spontaneous healing? I saw a documentary on TV about a Shao-Lin Master.
The question was, how did the Shao-lin Master break the board? They fitted him with electrodes. First he prepared for the feat by focusing clearly, getting calm, and breathing regularly  The Shao-lin Master controlled his breath as he moved his hand to the board up and down several times. Then, his hand shot shot down to the board at almost immeasureable speed. The board split in two. The electrodes showed that when his hand came down, he was in the Alpha state; completely relaxed and peaceful.
    I think the key to healing is becoming one in mind and body and being in a peaceful state. Then the chi can com in and do its work. I believe this is how the Hao-La Healing Circle is effective. First we all synchronize and unite as one, gathering the Chi Field.
This is most important, to feel like we are one. Then when we say "tong" to clear our bodies and this amplifies this state.
Then we focus on seeing the result with visualizations  and voice this with affirmations, feeling this in our hearts.
Then we let go and say "Hao-La! Hao-La!" over and over like we are in a trance. I believe that this is when the healing occurs.
This is when we let go and are peaceful, thinking nothing. We become one and healing occurs.
     At the August Full Moon I had a group of six at my home. We had three women students who had never done Chi-lel before.
They were all three friends and practiced Healing Touch. One had chronic shoulder pain for years and one had many small uterine tumors. After the healing Kim said with truth in her voice " I know my tumors are gone. I know I am healed." The next day, X-rays confirmed that all her uterine tumors were gone! And then I got a phone call from Terry. Her chronic pain in her left arm and shoulder was completely gone.
    So on the Full Moon we access "remotely" the healing loving chi of ten million practitioners. Remember the effectiveness of group chi on the chat forum and Full Moon Healing Circles for the boy Huyo-Chol and how his lukemia went into remmission! So form your own Hao-La Healing Circlethis holiday and add a healing gift for you.And when your practice, see a whole football stadium full of practitoners. their smiling faces and loving hearts sending chi to you.