Chi-Lel (Chi-Neng in Europe) and Golf

Erik Garritsen


After being in China, for the treatment with Master Luke Chan, now we know for sure.

Golf is a Chi-Neng based sport or in other words, by practicing Chi-Neng you have a wonderful base to play Golf.


During our visit in China, we trained a lot with our dantien. An ancient knowledge which published in the open by Luke. Of course millions of people know already about the dantien, or Ki-point, almost nobody knew that the visualization by paying attention to the dantien is that the dantien turns inside your body. Luke opened this "secret". And than rapidly the discoveries came one after the other.

One of the discoveries is that the virtual centerline makes the balance. Turning the dantien at the same time gives you balance and a lot of power. And that, my friends, is the secret behind the golf and Chin-Neng. Because, once you found your balance with the powerful turning of the dantien, the golf swing is a kind of Chi-Neng gong.

Ruud and Afsaneh from Amsterdam did these discovery during there stay in China. In the overwhelming heat of the middle of the day, we decided to go for golf practicing. They never had a golf-club in their hands before. And as we thought it should go by being balanced, turning your dantien, it went exactly like that. Almost every golf ball hit by these two people went straight and far, for the very first time that they played golf. The next days we checked if the first attempt was not just a lucky one. And no, they became even better.

Anne and I, we've had played for already a year and took lessons, were completely surprised. It took us then quit some time to get the ball 100-150 meters, there were we wanted it. And now, not only for Ruud and Afsaneh as starters, simply by turning your dantien and being in your centerline, golf became a lot easier. Three weeks after the China trip, we passed our golf license test. There is a lot more to discover who Chi-Neng can improve your golf. By integrating Chi-Neng with Inner golf we are sure that many golfers will be improve their game. In the mean time the Dutch national golf-pro team, the trainers and the youngsters have plans to have a regular Chi-Neng training, starting very soon.

Tiger, watch it, you wil get serious competition.



The First German Group

Anne Hering

I am happy to announce that the first German Group followed the ‘education program’ to become a Chi Neng Qi Gong Teacher. As there are nearly no teachers in Germany till now, we set up an program of 14 days after which they were authorized to teach level 1 of Chi Neng. We had 6 participants and we had a program for 12 days. Patricia van Walstijn and I welcomed them on the 23. of November. They learned the basics very fast and they were all very keen and ambitious.

After 14 days they all left totally happy and motivated. They already planned lots of workshops and are ready to teach this wonderful art in Germany.

I want to thank Patricia, Afsaneh and Jacqueline for their great support in the last weeks!

I will take this opportunity to give my special Thanks to Master Luke Chan who – during my stay in China in August 2002 -  made me take this step and who gave me the confidence that I am ready to start teaching people to become an instructor.

Love and Chi