Sedona retreat, HyoChul and joy a little Buddha...

by Deborah Lucas

Thanks to all of you for making Sedona such a powerful healing experience for so many. It has taken me a few days to absorb before I could post - the workshop was so profound in so many ways. HyoChul came for an afternoon and everyone emitted such joyful Chi to him. He sat in Luke's chair and looked like a little Buddha while Chi and love were poured into him. I knew he was O.K. and will continue to gain in health, and with so many of you loving him, I could begin to let go of my own weight. Thank you Luke, Frank, Carmen and all of you for helping me to release the burden I have been holding. It is so important for my own self, and also for HyoChul that I can look at him as being healthy and not treat him as if he is fragile. He needs to feel normal in every way - he is! and to hang on to the past is hanging on to his sickness. Time to move on. This workshop was unbelievable, I understood far more about the mind, Chi, body connection and how to use Chi much more consciously. The way Luke taught the six directions has changed my whole practice. In the healing circles I experienced the same intensity as I had when emitting Chi towards HyoChul; the same tearful connection to a Chi field far, far bigger than myself. My deepest love and thanks to all of you who were there either in body or in the Chi field. May loving Chi heal all of us on every level, Deborah.




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