A Chilel Grandmaster in the making...  
Yang Yun Zhong (right) with Luke Chan
Master Yang Lao-Shi poses at home
Master Yang Yun Zhong

Most people came to love the practice of ChiLel while they had one health problem or the other. But for Master Yang, the opposite was true: he came to adorn ChiLel while giving care to people having health problems.

Yang Lao-Shi was a medical doctor when he began interested in the phenomenon of chi. He was trained in western and eastern medicine and he also studied Taiji and Tuina. He opened a clinic to treat patients using qigong Tuina (massage) and herbs in his hometown, Sanxi. On one occasion, Dr. Pang came to his hometown to teach and Yang saw first hand how ChiLel could facilitate instant healings.

"I signed up for Pang Lao-Shi’s class immediately. In fact, I borrowed 37 yuan for the training. My wife and I just had our child and  were really in a financial bind at the time. But there was nothing in the world I would let that chance to slip away from my hands. And after the training, I made up my mind there and then that I would devote my life to Chilel."

In 1992, Yang Lao-Shi and his wife went to the Center in Qinhuangdao and he was enrolled in the two-year Qigong program while his wife worked as a teacher to support their child. After graduation, Yang was hired as a teacher for the program and worked there for five more years.

I visited Yang’s family two years ago and found they lived in a very modest house. But the household of three live in great harmony and joy. While I was there, the child asked his father to emit chi to him. Yang did fa chi to his child and told him, "Everything is ok now. Go and play." This is not a rehearsal but a real life episode. I admire Yang Lao-Shi for many reasons but his truthfulness in ChiLel is the most.

Last month, I had a chance to study with Yang Lao-Shi in private and came to respect him more. Yang led a very simple life and he practiced ChiLel everyday and sometimes up to eight hours. For him, ChiLel is a way of life, and "Being a professional teacher, I need to keep up the standards. Qigong is an endless pursuit."

"Yang Lao-Shi, what is the most important thing in doing fa chi (emit chi to others)?"

"Organize a chi-field first and then use the Hunyuan chi to facilitate the  healing." Yang Lao-Shi replied without hesitation.

Qigong grandmaster is made not born. I truly believe that Yang Lao-Shi will become a grandmaster one day. Why? Because he has brains (M.D.), he works hard (eight hours a day) and after all, he is only 39!

I will report more about Yang Lao-Shi in the near future.






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