How to organizing chi-field:

by Luke Chan


Organizing a Chi-field for Frank's wedding, Oct 27, 2001 by chi-leaders: Ed, Lyn,Barbara,Christine,Lisa,Ruth,Nancy.

Chi-field is a term popularized by Dr. Pang Ming (Lao-Shi). Lao-Shi had mentioned in his writing that he discovered the healing effect was greatly enhanced when someone directs a  group of qigong practitioners to visualize together in harmony.  


There are no set rules of how to organize a chi-field. But there are essential elements of a chi-field:

1.Relax the group first by mentioning different parts of body, such as "Relax the head, relax the chest and back, relax the hips, relax the entire body..."

2. Direct the group to further relaxing their bodies by expanding to the space, such as "Imagine your head touch the blue sky above and feet into the blue sky underneath....expanding to the stars, to the Milky Way... into infinity."

3. Call upon  the 10 million Chilel practitioners to form a great chi-field, such as "Now ten million sincere ChiLel practitioners are practicing together..."

4. Turn the group's thinking into love and compassion, such as "Share your love and  compassion with the chi-field..."

5. Bring the love and compassion back, such as "Bring back 10 million times of love and compassion deep into your body now."


The leader (the one organizes the chi-field) must speak from his/her heart and visualize the same thing as he/she speaks.