Hao-La Hula

Luke Chan

Hao-La Hula is a very simple but effective gong for strengthening the reproductive organs, kidneys, intestines, stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, bladder, and all the tissues and muscles in the abdominal area.

Method: Slightly bend your body. With your knees relatively fixed in position, rotate your Dantien area (stomach) to one direction first and then the other (after five minutes or so).



1. Put your mind in the Dantien and use your mind to move your body.

2. There are a few visualizations you can use (or create your own): 1. Panning gold. 2. Wok cooking. 3. Legs are two poles and your Dantien area, like a pot, is hanging from the top your head and your hands are holding the pot. 4. Your tail bone is stirring butter in a bowl.

Larry James, and wife, Gay, demonstrates and leads the group to do HaoLa Hula.
Doing "Hula" at the Columbus workshop, October,2001.