Stillness within Motion

by Master Luke Chan

An automobile consists many parts. Car manufacturer must pay attention to each car part in order to produce a reliable, efficient, usable and safe car. ChiLel consists many principles and ChiLel practitioners should consciously apply them to their forms in order to increase the healing effects of the art.

One of those principals is stillness within motion. You keep calm, alert, and restful when your body is moving. One way to train is to keep your middle fingers against a wall and keep them stationery while you are moving  your arms (see picture). Once you have found the sensation, you can proceed to do the push and pull gong by imagining your middle fingers are fixed to  still points in the air. By doing that, you will find your body is further relaxed and the body and mind connection is strenghtened.


  Lily Chan, Diana Brynum and others  practice "push and pull gong" against a wall in China.