Linda holds her "secret" to inner power.

The Power is on the Inside


By Linda McCarthy


Luke showed us a clear bottle with a picture inside the bottle instead of on the outside. At first it seemed strange. Why put the picture on the inside?


Luke told us a story: The gods wanted to play a trick on man. They said; “let’s put the secret in the sea.” The gods thought about it and realized that was not a good place to put the secret because man will swim the ocean and find it. Then the gods said; “let’s put the secret in the mountains.” They realized, however, that man is adventurous and he will climb every mountain and find it. Then the gods said; “let’s put the secret inside of man because he will never find it there.”


The story about the gods playing a trick on man is important, because the secret behind the practice of Chi-lel is inside.  The secret is the power. Don’t look outside – the power is inside – and you hold the key to unlocking that door.


I started learning Chi-lel in 1998. I knew then that I wanted to teach Chi-lel. I continued to go to workshops and practice but something was always missing for me. I never gave up hope because I believed in the practice. I went to China in October to take a class from Luke hoping to find the missing piece of the puzzle. I had no idea what to expect. After a few days, I realized that the power was within and Luke was showing us the key to unlock the power.


With Luke’s help I finally found what I was looking for. It was inside of me. I just did not know how to unlock the door.  You can look in the ocean and climb every mountain, but the secret is not there. Unless you learn how to unlock the door – you will never get the power.