Feeling is healing through LCUPCD


Ginny is our Senior ChiLel(TM) Instructor and she offers private "chi coaching" for healing cancer. If you are interested in, please contact her at blueskyhealingarts@worldnet.att.net  



by Ginny Walden 

Honolulu, Hawaii


     I have noticed working with my fellow cancer warriors, , we need to give love to ourselves more, and , we need to express our feelings more to heal our emotional body as well as our physical.
We can do this through Chi-Lel practice.
     In medical qigong, a tumor is concentrated chi that is only going in and not out. If we hold our feelings in and do not express them, tumors appear. Physically the chi needs to move in and out, (open -close, release -absorb) to keep the body in balance. This also is true for the emotions, feelings and thoughts. According to Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life  tumors are manifestations of hurts and resentments. I can vouch for that in my experience with a breast tumor the size of an orange. The breast tumor indicated I needed to nourish and "mother" myself, and what was I doing for 7 years? I was not standing up for myself. I was giving all my attention and energy toward nourishing someone else at my expense. I was not doing what I wanted nor expressing what I felt in the moment. I would hold it in and let the resentment build up. This got to be such a habit that I got used to holding things in and no longer was aware I was doing this. Meanwhile, all the hurt and resentment became my tumor. Finally I went to a Jungian dream analyst, and faced my fears in my dreams and started to express myself. That was 2 years before my diagnosis. By then the tumor was already advanced. However, my emotional healing had begun. So we need to be honest and look at ourselves and ask, what is it I am holding in and want to express out loud? We can also express this out loud or  silently in our hearts during LCUPCD , especially in Master Chan's new CD of LCUPCD ( "Heart, I love you"). Remember this is what is unique about
Chi-Lel compared to other forms of qigong. We use loving mind or loving intention.
Master Chan voices the affirmations with a loving tone on all his tapes. Your body responds to this love in his voice. So if you are not feeling much love for yourself at the time, just hearing his continuing compassion is healing for you. This is re-programming your old way of thinking. As  time goes on, your heart will open more to loving yourself. Persevere in the Gong. We are learning to "change the channel" or create a new attitude through daily practice.
      There are many layers to our healing process. The first part we see that gets our immediate attention is the physical cancer. We change our diet, and some have surgery, chemo and radiation. But all this is from the outside (although whenever we do something for ourselves with healing in mind this is a loving act and so a healing one.) After treatment, the real healing begins.
     The deeper healing is within us on the feeling level. Feelings are not to be confused with emotions. Emotions are like the choppy waves on the ocean. The feelings are the calm underneath; the truth. We need to reach the feeling realm to complete our healing. So, how do we reach this deep place?
     The feeling realm is on a non-verbal level. It cannot be analyzed and talked about in a logical way.
Feeling brings truth that is not intellectual. It needs to be experienced. I can go to hours of therapy and talk until I am blue in the face about my life and all its ups and downs and still may not access feeling truth. Chi-lel practice will bring up those deep feelings that we cannot name so we can experience them safely and at our own pace. I cried for 4 months during LCUPCD and Wall Squat practice. I knew I was releasing old stuff and I did not have to know what it was. That was a relief!
Master Chan call this process the "healing chi tears." I felt so much better about myself daily.
So I encourage you to practice diligently everyday. As far as amount of time, do as much as you can, and increase it slowly, and make sure you are enjoying your practice. If you get obsessed or compulsive this will block your chi. So relax, enjoy, and remember happy times in your life. Dr. Pang says to remember a time when you were younger, or before you had cancer. Remember the feelings of being healthy and full of energy. Remember peaceful, happy moments. Re-live them in your memory. Feel everything about that beautiful moment in detail while you are doing LCUPCD. Release the illness and absorb your happy memory into Dantien. This will increase your enjoyment of your practice and increase your healing.
Ginny Walden, Senior Instructor
Honolulu, Hawaii