How to do the pulling a tree gong using a door frame.

by Master Luke Chan

Pulling a Tree Gong (Special Wall squatting) is to hold on a tree to do wall squatting (move up and down). Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable tree or pole. In that case, you can use the door frame instead (see picture). The purpose of this exercise is to loosen up your lower back (Mingmem area) and strengthen your upper body. You don't need to squat all the way down as you would do in the wall squatting. The key is to avoid any strain in the knees. The best is to focus your mind in your Dantien (between navel and mingmen) and let all strength to be derived there. You need to move according to slow music or the release/absorb tape. The slow speed will give you time to focus on getting the power from your Dantien. If you do it too quickly, you will use mainly your muscles instead of chi. In that case your body will be expensed instead of nourished. So do it slowly and get your chi to nourish your body.
Demonstrated by Wanda of Italy