"By the fifth day of practice the pain was gone and I could lift a cup of water and hold it with my left hand."

Hilda Booth 

Columbia, SC,USA



Dear Luke.

I want to share with you and all the chilel practitioners in the world the

amazing results I have experienced after only one week studying with you in

China. I was involved in an auto accident in July. Because of a bruise on my

left arm just below the elbow I developed radial tunnel syndrome when the

swelling from the bruises pressed on the bundle of nerves exiting the elbow. I

could not lift with the left arm nor hold anything in the hand The pain

awakened me when I tried to sleep. I had to sleep on my side with the arm

lying on my hip and leg. I could not rest the arm on any hard surface without

pain I practiced Chilel daily but it did not completely heal. The orthopedic

surgeon stated that practicing Chilel was the best thing I could to for it and

to continue with my practice. When I told him I was coming here to China to

practice intensely for a month he was happy with the decision and stated that I

could probably avoid surgery by doing so. After 48 hours traveling with

little movement it became painful again. I couldn't grasp nothing and lift it

with my left hand. It started to improve after the first day of practice and

I had no pain while sleeping after the second night. By the fifth day of

practice the pain was gone and I could lift a cup of water and hold it with my

left hand. An added bonus is the few inches I have dropped from my waist. I

highly recommend the intensive study and practice that you offer here in

China. I wish everyone could experience it. There is a higher level of

development of practice offered by you here that is not available elsewhere.

This experience must be experienced first hand here in China. I look forward

to the next three weeks to see what they hold. The first week has been such a

growing and learning experience for our whole group. Thank you for offering it.

Hao La

Much loving chi