Practice Healing the Egg Fa Chi

by Hilda Booth



Practicing "Healing the Egg Fa Chi" in Zhong Shan, China.


Here in Zhong Shan, China we have studied Chilel intensively. We arrived Dec. 28and started practice Dec. 29. We have closed each morning session and each afternoon session with a Fa Chi Healing Circle. In the beginning we sat around a table with a teapot of hot water in the center and a cup of hot water in front of each person. Each used the same cup each time. We practiced Fa Chi to a CD by Master Luke. Each person put a chi ball called Love in the Left hand and a chi ball called Gratitude in the right hand. When the hands closed the two balls formed a ball called Healing in the center.

When the two balls merge spontaneous healing occurs. When we close our hands we emit chi healing , love and gratitude into the water. When we open our hands we open up to the Galaxy, the blue sky and happiness. After 25 minutes of Fa Chi we mindfully drink the water to heal our own bodies.

After a few days of this Master Luke added an additional challenge, Healing the Egg. Each person is given an egg which they crack themselves with the back of a knife. We put our egg and our cup of water in front of us in a circle around the table (the tea pot is still in the center). We each emit chi to our egg and cup of water for 25 minutes to the CD. We drink our water then excitedly check our eggs for progress in healing. We are all very happy when one of us makes progress. We discuss the various images we use while emitting chi. Some of us visualize whole eggs while others think of love, gratitude or healing or a combination of all three. After two days of emitting chi to the eggs we cook them and eat the "Chi Eggs". Each of us has had some type of healing occur in our bodies. We have made much progress both physically and with our Chilel practice.

Hilda Booth