Healing Cancer Good News:
Chi Messages from Water!


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by Ginny Walden 

Honolulu, Hawaii


      The good news is that Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has found a way to photograph chi effects in water crystals. Dr. Emoto is a doctor of alternative medicine and a visionary researcher of water. First he freezes the water sample and then he takes 100 photos of one crystal to make the study scientifically acceptable. This is an amazing breakthrough for science.
     He decided to study polluted water wondering if the crystals would differ from healthy water. He went to Lake Fujiwara Dam in Japan which was beginning to get polluted. He took a sample and found that indeed there were no crystals in the photos. Instead the polluted water showed  a diarrhea-like image with no crystalline structure at all. This gave him an idea. He asked a local priest, Rev. Kato Hoki, to stand at the dam of Lake Fujiwara and pray for an hour. After the prayer the photos revealed an exquisitely beautiful crystal. Then he wondered if the priest's intention could have changed the water. So he asked Rev. Hoki to pray a different prayer. Afterwards an odd thing happened. This crystal had seven sides! Dr. Emoto knew from research on 10,000 samples of water that water crystals are always hexagonal. This one had seven sides and was gold. Why? He asked the priest what he was praying. The priest said he was praying to the Seven Benzaiten (Goddesses of Fortune)! This inspired Dr. Emoto to add to his research how music, images and words,  either spoken or written,  affect the crystalline structure of water.
   He uses distilled water which shows up as a circle without much crystalline structure. He played heavy metal music to one bottle of water. The sample came out looking like a swirling hurricane with no crystalline structure at all. Then he put a typed label on the bottle  that said " You Fool". Oddly, he got the same result as the heavy metal music!
  Then he put on a typed label with the words" You make me sick. I want to kill you." in Japanese. The photo actually looks like a person trying to kill someone. The crystalline structure is non-existent. Then he put on the label  "Love and Gratitude" and this beautiful crystal resembling a sparkling gold broche appeared. This was the most beautiful and awe inspiring crystal yet. The vibration of the typed words had changed the water. This is amazing.
    There is a vibration in everything because everything is in motion. Motion produces a sound,  a harmonic or tone. So the actual letters of a word have a sound even when unspoken!  So what does this imply?  It seems that our thoughts, feelings. intentions and written words, music, and images change the chi in water. The water seems to be talking to us through these chi effects revealed  in the photos. 
     Let's take this further. Our bodies are 70 percent water. If we only believe that the water is changing, we can still heal ourselves by changing our feeling intention. In qigong we know it is not just the water that is affected. The water was just where we could photograph the effects. We know that all molecules and cells respond to chi. As Master Chan says " One cell shifts, all cells shift." If one molecule of water changes, all the cells in the body change! Why? Because chi is everywhere. We are in a Chi Soup. We are connected to everything. And our language, how we say words, affects our body and  healing cancer.
     When Dr.Emoto was giving a speech on his water research, a member of the audience announced she had tried an experiment with her class. She labeled two sealed jars of cooked rice, one "You Fool" and one "Thank you." in Japanese. The she had the children in her classroom talk to each jar accordingly for one month. The " You fool" jar's rice got black and rotted. The stench was disgusting. The bottle labeled "Thank you" was nearly fermented and had a sweet, mellow aroma.
Many have tried this experiment since and got the same results. The chi in microbes of bacteria were being affected. So why not cancer cells and the mold in our body that produces a cancer environment? So try this experiment yourself to help you believe in the powerful effects of chi.
     Remember this when you are doing your Gong. When you are saying " Release-absorb" realize that chi is truly moving in and out of all your cells and that you are truly "chi breathing." When chi is moving all illness disappears. And remember when you say "Liver, I love you" that all the liver cells heard you and are changing back to normal as you speak. And when you say "All cells return to normal" with feeling this is truly the result. And say "Thank you, I Love you" to your body as often as you think of it and see the beautiful golden water crystals inside you.   
     For more information I encourage you  click on the web site  for the articles
www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/aug1/consciouswater.html  and www.spiritofmaat/archive/nov1/cwater.htm and see the photographs for yourself.
I also bought the books Vol. 1 and 2 of Dr. Emoto's book Messages from Water  at
www.sacredspaces.org to use in my classes to inspire students. And remember, the Earth is also 70 percent water, so let's also send chi to heal the Earth this Full Moon.
Ginny Walden, Senior Instructor