Question by Aaron: I've not seen much relating to emotions in chilel short of all is harmony; but I'm having problems with intense anger and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any chi ideas for that. Or any idea.


Answer by Deborah Lissom: Anger, oh yes. I know about that! According to Chinese medicine, anger, fear, resentment all go into the kidneys. That has been such a problem for me all my life. And of course, what do I have? Kidney disease! I was headed toward dialysis, and suffered from so many kidney related problems. Now, I have the answer for me.

Wall Squats! Everyone's favorite! I could not do more than 10 for the longest time until one workshop when Luke put on a tape with over 100 release/absorbs, and I did the whole thing! Since then I have overcome my disease, and I do 100 squats per day.

Try it. I do it whenever I get upset. Even if I just do 10-20. It really helps. I used to get so mad at myself for getting mad! (knowing I was hurting my kidneys) that I would stand against the wall and say I would just do wall squats until every ounce of anger left my body. It always worked!

I think that doing la chi with the Chi Field Chant tape and release/absorb tape together, and visualizing some very loving thoughts along with the release/absorb can put anyone in a total state of bliss. BUT, if you are like me, when you are angry, it is hard to let go and forgive and get into la chi.  That's why wall squats are so great!

Good luck. In the chi field, Deborah Lissom