Chi-Lel TM Instructor  of the Month -August, 2001

The healing power of Chi-Lel is from the heart of a person filled with love and compassion. Every month we choose  one instructor for his or her good deeds. Please nominate your favorite instructor to be the Instructor of the Month,  email to me at Hao La! Luke Chan

Nancy Parker

I have known Nancy even before I began to teach ChiLel publicly. Throughout the years, Nancy has been teaching and living with the principle of "love and compassion".  Life has not always been kind to her but her positive attitude and human spirit always shine through.  I still remember the story that when a pregnant woman asked her what she could do to prevent miscarriage (the woman had a few), Nancy told her to do La Chi. "A few month later, I saw the woman with a healthy baby and she credited ChiLel for her successful birth of a child," Nancy beamed each time she told this story. Like the pregnant woman, many people's lives have been changed for the better because Nancy's enthusiasm in believing one can always help oneself by doing ChiLel. With great honor and pleasure, we have chosen Nancy to be the Instructor of the Month, August, 2001.--Luke Chan

Celebrating 95th birthday of a friend 

(born in Scotland) at church

Nancy is also a black belt Karate instructor.

Nancy Parker, now a widow, raised five children (and for a time four foster children). She has lived in six

different states from the east coast to the west coast and studied seven foreign languages. She has a masters

degree in foreign language education; was a technical editor; a free-lance translator of technical reports in

Russian, German, French, and Spanish; and taught English as a second language at a California college for

many years. At one time she was director of information services for the Civil Air Patrol state Wing in Ohio

and is still an officer (inactive status) in the C.A.P.(Auxiliary of the USAF). She is currently a teacher in a

high school alternative program, working with all ages of students in an independent study program. Many of

her students are disadvantaged, some having been gang members as well.

She has studied martial arts for over 16 years and teaches Tai Chi and Qigong. She is an instructor of both

first and second level Chi Lel Qigong. She has three black belts - in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese styles -

and a brown belt in an Okinawan (orig.Chinese) style. She currently teaches eight classes of Chi Lel - six

days a week (in three different cities), and also teaches privately, gives workshops on occasion, and does

introductions to Chi Lel at local schools and through local hospitals for various organizations such as senior

citizens, people with heart problems, arthritis, Parkinsons disease, or other illnesses. She has taught six- to

nine-week Chi Lel classes for senior citizens ( through an insurance company), for wellness programs in the

high school district, and for a special group designed to help women be independent - and healthy.

Nancy teaches piano, plays the bagpipes, and has a pilot's license. She is also very active in her church.Her

interest in martial arts led to her reading Luke Chan's books.

"My first contact with Luke Chan was because of my love for his book, Secrets of the Tai Chi Circle,

which, by the way, helped some of my disadvantaged students. I also gave my students and friends his

book, The 101 lessons of Tao. This contact led to my being introduced to Chi Lel Qigong in 1995, and my

life has not been the same since.

While I lost one brother to a flying accident, I lost a brother, husband, and a son to cancer. With Chi Lel

Qigong, if I can help just one person be healed or help them to maintain health or prevent illnesses, I will be

happy. This gift has come to me in a roundabout way, but is one I shall treasure all my life. Life continues to

be exciting, and I now have a big and growing family, including Luke and Frank and all the wonderful

practitioners of Chi Lel. Life just gets better and better."

While I have not had to battle any life-threatening diseases as many of our other instructors have, I no longer

have the severe pain and weakness in my knee and leg that I had when I started, and I suspect strongly that

many of the physical challenges one gets with getting older would be more severe, if not disabling, were it

not for Chi Lel. In addition, I feel good and have lots of energy. It's the best long-term disability insurance

there is!.(I am 70).



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