By Martha Howard

I found a way to introduce people to the Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi

Down, the Three Centers Merge, FaChi, La Chi and Wall Squats in a relatively

short time. It was very easy when I told them that all of the movements do

the same thing-- you stretch forth and direct some loving compassionate wan

yuan chi toward everyone out there, and relax and take some in for yourself!

Also the concept of their own being as a big expanding and relaxing

"breathing" energy ball that moves with each set of movements helps. It also

helps to teach the 3 centers merge as taking place in a huge sphere with

infinite (no) borders, so that the person instantly "lights up" the top of

the sphere, the middle, and then the bottom, with each "lit up" part

containing the center; and then they "light up" the whole thing. That way

they avoid all the attempts to follow a line in their mind from their head

to their navel, from their arms to their navel, and from their feet to their

navel, which always makes them lose energy--you can just see them drawing

their eyebrows together and "concentrating."