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Dear friends, I have yet to attend a Chi-Lel workshop that did not renew my energy, motivation, well-being, etc. I always feel as if I am literally glowing from the inside out. The inner smile refuses to stay inside! I also always learn something new and it is not always a new movement, but a new way of looking at what we're doing -the exercises we have learned already - and doing it just a shade differently than before. And, of course, there are many new and wonderful things to learn and do. The different forms of healing sessions seems to be infinite. It's very exciting. And you only need to do what your body allows! Listen to your body. But don't forget the mind either. Chi is truly powerful. Much Love and Chi, Nancy Parker, California

Chief Instructor: Frank Chan

Workshops and retreats are taught by Frank Chan or/and Luke Chan and their assistants. 

To register,

800 784-0146 


Workshop In Progress

Here is what you will learn: 

  1. The Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method.
  2. Three Centers Merge Standing Method.
  3. Wall Squatting, Ton Chong.
  4. La Chi, including 6-Directions La Chi
  5. Body & Mind Method (retreat only)
You will also learn and experience:
  1. Fa Chi, the art of healing others without depleting your own chi.
  2. Healing Circle, plenty of group-strength healing chi for the mind, body, and spirit.
June 17 to 18,

Saturday & Sunday

 Houston, TX

Clarion Inn, at Int'l Airport 

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
June 24 to 25

Saturday & Sunday

Detroit, MI

Pleasant Ridge Com. Ctr. Four Ridge Rd., Pleasant Ridge, MI

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Retreat June 30 thru July 5 LilyDale, NY  Retreat
July 15 to 16

Saturday & Sunday

Los Angeles, CA

Hacienda Hotel LAX 525 N Sepulveda Blvd.

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
July 22 to 23

Saturday & Sunday

Phoenix, AZ

La Quinta Inn, 2510 W. Greenway Rd.

Workshp        9am to 4pm $195
July 29 to 30

Saturday & Sunday

Tucson, AZ

Clarion Hotel Tucson Airport

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Retreat Aug. 11 thru  Aug. 16 Mt. Shasta Retreat Retreat
Aug. 19 to 20

Saturday & Sunday

Seattle, WA

Holiday Inn: Seattle Boeing Field, Pacific Hwy

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Aug. 26 to 27

Saturday & Sunday

Salt Lake City, UT

Holiday Inn Airport, 1659 West North Temple

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Sept. 9  to 10

Saturday & Sunday

Chicago, IL

Holiday Inn Express, Emherst

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Sept. 16 to 17

Saturday & Sunday

Boston, MA

Best Western, The Inn, Longwood Med. Ctr, Boston

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Retreat Sept. 22 thru  Sept. 27 Blue Ridge Retreat Retreat
Oct. 7  to 8

Saturday & Sunday

Santa Fe, NM

to be assigned

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Oct. 14  to 15

Saturday & Sunday

Naples, FL

Natural Healing Center, Naples

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Oct. 21 to 22

Saturday & Sunday

Tampa, FL

Holiday Inn Express, Tampa Stadium

Workshp        9am to 4:30pm $195
Retreat Nov. 3 thru Nov. 8 Oakwood Farm, IN Retreat
Retreat Nov. 10 thru Nov. 15 Sedona, AZ Retreat
March, 2001
Retreat March 9 thru March 14 Glen Ivy, Corona, CA Retreat

800 784-0146 to register




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