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Active your Brain Power & HaoLa Hula Tape:

Side A: Activate Your Brain Power (20 min)

Side B: Hao La Hula (20 min)

This tape is a tool to open up the brain meridians and loosen the kwa. The pace of the release/absorb rhythm is medium (slightly faster than Mother of All Tape).  If you have watched our Body & Mind videotape, you should be able to follow the tape.

To Order 1 800-784-0146

Power Wall Squatting & Power Hula Tape:

Side A: Power Wall Squatting              (16 min)

Side B: Power Hula (16 min)

This tape is a "yang" type of gong, sometimes known as "chilel aerobics" gong. The pace of the release/absorb rhythm is fast to harmonize the larger intake of oxygen.   

To Order 1 800-784-0146

Six Directions La Chi

Audiotape 30 minutes (each side)      $ 10.00

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Music on Chi-Lel TM Qigong (Blue Sky Healing Music) by world class singers Prema Dasara and Anahata Iradah:  Ocean of Love, Free As the Eagles, Head Touch Sky, Feet On Earth. 

CD: $14.95

Audiotape: $ 11.95

To Order 1 800-784-0146

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