Oakwood Farm Retreat - Memorial Weekend, 2000


Singing ChiLel Family Song with Stuart at the piano.

ChiLel Family Song 

Barbara Benson

We are one people. We are a family.

We come together to live in harmony.

We are one people united in the chi field of eternity.

We are one people. We are a family.

We open up our arms to gather in the chi.

We open up our minds to the blue sky above

And pour down WanYan Chi into transparent love.

We are one people. We are a family.

We press down to the earth and sky beneath our feet.

We are one being moving joyfully into infinity.

We are one people. We are a family.

We are one being without a boundary.

And from the center of our being, calm and free.

We live in peace on earth, joined in the field of chi.



 Smile! Lotus Palm group picture. May 28, 2000 at Oakwood Farm. 




Practicing Three-Center Merged Standing Method in front of the "Power Spot", which is the highest point of the county and is believed to be a special "breathing" point of Mother Earth.

At sunset, doing La Chi in front of the "Power Spot" in Oakwood Farm. 

Greg (second from left, wearing chilel T-shirt) and Gay (standing on the far right, wearing an attractive T-top).

Since I have gotten back from the Oakwood retreat, not a night has gone by when I haven't dreamed that I'm practicing there with everyone. Sometimes, I even wake up to find myself doing Hao-La Hulas in bed. Has anyone else experienced such Chi dreams?

: Chi to all!
: Greg

Hi, Greg,
I have also had a close feeling of being with everyone at the retreat even though I am back home. It was a very powerful time for me, with lots of 'break throughs' and changes happening. It was hard to leave the community of like minded souls and come back to work, etc., but I just keep on thinking that I will always have part of that time with me, and continue to think of it and use the teachings from the experience in every day life. Of course that is one of the great things about chi-lel anyway.
It was great to see you! I am working on my notes and 'spinner' and should get them in the mail next week. Lots of hugs and chi!



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