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        Question: As I am a chronic lung disease patient, I easily get tired after a day's work at the office, and always lack of motivation to do qigong. If I do it, it seems like pushing a car up a hill. My question is: should I do the gong, or retire early so that I have more rest ? And how do you all guys push yourself to accomplish the 100 day gong ?


    Answer provided by Karen Tracy, Fairborn, Ohio

        If you are that tired, then you need chilel even more! I am continually inspired by the 101 Miracles book, and the people there who felt that the doctor's recommendation to "get a lot of rest"; was just allowing their disease to thrive, and that doing chilel was "fighting back" against their disease. I took the hao la tape and made a copy that is 15 minutes long, and one that is 30 minutes long, (I taped the beginning, then timed 13 minutes, then taped the ending); I did this because at work I get a 15 minute break, and an hour for lunch. So I can go out to my car, (luckily my seat reclines) and do "open-close" while chanting hao-la. I get a very deep relaxation, and the tape length keeps me from having to worry about getting back on time. You will find that you will not be so tired at the end of a workday. And possibly you will look forward to doing your LCUPCD because it will feel so good! And even if you are tired, you can tell yourself, "I know I will feel better, calmer, more energetic, and stronger, after I have done this gong."

        If you are finding that it wears you out to do LCUPCD, then perhaps you are not relaxing enough as you do it.

        I think the issue is not being too tired to do chilel. But real issue is whether we have the commitment to focus on healing. If you are too tired physically, then you do it mentally. Even if you are too tired to move anything but one hand, you can choose to focus your mind on "open-close" and do your gong.

        When I took my first workshop, I said to the teacher, "This gong-thing worries me, I am very erratic and spontaneous, I have never done anything every single day -- probably not even brush my teeth!" And she wisely said, "Then you probably need to do this, even more!"

        If I'm on day 3 of a gong, and I don't feel like doing it, I say, "But I don't want to waste those two days, I'd just have to do them over again, when I start the gong again, so I may as well keep on with this one!!"

        I find after 250 straight days, my body calls me to do chilel. If I miss it in the morning, my body feels out of sorts until I can fit it in at lunch, or at night.

Good luck and much encouragement! YOU CAN DO IT!!!




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