Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Dear friends, I have yet to attend a Chi-Lel workshop that did not renew my energy, motivation, well-being, etc. I always feel as if I am literally glowing from the inside out. The inner smile refuses to stay inside! I also always learn something new and it is not always a new movement, but a new way of looking at what we're doing -the exercises we have learned already - and doing it just a shade differently than before. And, of course, there are many new and wonderful things to learn and do. The different forms of healing sessions seems to be infinite. It's very exciting. And you only need to do what your body allows! Listen to your body. But don't forget the mind either. Chi is truly powerful. Much Love and Chi, Nancy Parker, California

Main Instructor: Frank Chan

Typical Workshop In Progress

May 6 and May 7, San Francisco

May 20 and May 21, Santa Fe

Oakwood Retreat May 26 through May 31 Memorial Weekend 

June 10 and June 11, Austin, TX

June 17 and June 18, Houston, TX

June 24 and June 25, Detroit

June 30 thru July 5, LilyDale, NY

July 15 and July 16, Los Angeles, CA

July 22 and July 23, Phoenix, AZ

July 29 and July 30, Tucson, AZ

August 11 to August 16, Mt. Shasta Retreat

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