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Editor: Hyo Chul's health challenge was leukemia (I use past tense because we believe that he has been healed). From the very beginning, his mother, Deborah Lucas, a certified ChiLel instructor, had posted his healing journey on our forum. HyoChul's  journey to health shows his mother's love and believe in both medical treatment and chi therapy. The courage and love of the family and the loving support from the Chi-Lel community from all over the world  has been an inspiration for us all. 

In the latest posting, Deborah wrote about how she emitted chi to her son, HyoChul:

Forum Message Title: HyoChul and other matters

by Deborah Lucas

Dear friends, again, thank you all for your incredible support through this difficult time. HyoChul is doing much better. We went to the clinic yesterday and his counts were normal! Providing there is no flair-up of any sickness, then he could be off all medications in about 3 months. He is eating well and every day he has more energy. He looks cute as a button with his hair coming back. His hair, eye lashes and eye brows are coming in very dark, and he looks quite different than he did.; I regularly do HaoLa with him (I always do LCUPCD first.) To begin with, I just think universe and then his body, then I concentrate on all of the people who are sending him Chi, e.g. I think Chi coming from Jin Lao Shi, Chi coming from Luke, Chi coming from Frank, from Nancy, Rob Tol in Holland, from Malaysia, etc. I try to remember as many of your names as possible and give that Chi to HyoChul. Then I focus on all of the body systems, delivering Chi to each part of the body. After a transplant, and with the medications necessary, all of his body is at some risk, so I try to send Chi to his glands, his muscles, his circulatory system, his eyes, his digestive system etc. I end with focusing on his entire body being harmonized with Chi. It is amazing how quickly 45 minutes passes. I also want to thank Luke for the new 6 directions La Chi method. I have done it for the last 3 days (97 to Go!) and the difference in my inner strength is very clear to me. It is so simple, yet even in that short time, I feel a greater depth when I practice 3 centers merge, or the LCUPCD form. Somehow my inner-connectedness is stronger. Luke - thank you, I needed something like this right now as I was feeling drained emotionally and physically after our hospital time, this is just the boost I needed. It is also interesting after focusing on bringing Chi to HyoChul so concentrated, to focus on bringing Chi back into myself. Even though I tried to include myself in the HaoLa, my desperation for him was so strong that whenever I practiced any Chi Lel, he was always my focus. Now I do 6 directions La Chi and then go and give him Chi. I feel as if we are both becoming stronger daily. Thank you all, HyoChul and I send you our loving Chi and gratitude, Deborah


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