Healing Good News

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.   


This year was the first year in 31 years that I have not been to the emergency room- Victoria Woodward, Oceanside, CA

Victoria and Luke, at Glen Ivy, March 2000

Here is my story. . I have been sick for most of my 52 years on earth.

The last 27 years has seen back surgery, two brain surgeries, a

hysterectomy, reconstructive surgery on my face and eye, hand and foot

surgeries. I have been diagnosed with an L5 pushing into my spinal column,

degenerating disc in the middle of my back, fybromyalgia, asthma, sleep

apnea, high blood pressure and assorted little annoyances. In May of 1999 I

hit my low point when our last grandchild was born. I was using oxygen with

my bi-pap machine, taking three inhalers for my asthma, ansids for the pain,

couldn't get my blood pressure under control with meds, and feeling like

death warmed over. I had a hard time walking form the hotel room to the car

to get to my daughter's house. I could barely hold the 9 LB. baby. My

acupuncturist, who had helped me tremendously by then believe it or not,

encouraged me to take Tai Chi to help build my endurance. Dr. Tsai

acupuncturist) had already cut my emergency room visits from 4 or 5 a year

down to 1 a year.

My Tai Chi teacher, Regina Gill, told me about the "101 Miracles" and I read

the book. My life started to change from that day on. I have read the book

four times. For the first time in my entire life I felt I could be cured.

I ordered the tapes and started to practice. In August Regina held a

workshop and I took the day long program. I improved so much my daughter

took my book home with her to use. I have steadily improved since then.

This year was the first year in 31 years that I have not been to the

emergency room. I know I will be cured within two years. I want to thank

Dr. Tsai for encouraging me, for Regina for teaching me, and for Luke and

Frank for bringing the wonderful practice to the United States and sharing

with all of us. May loving Chi surround all of you.


The surgeon was amazed... Chaz Walter, Mt. Pleasant, SC


I am writing to share a bit of healing news- in Dec. my wife had some extensive dental gum surgery- tissues and bone grafting on her upper from jaw- when home, I started regular LaChi healing sessions – at least 2 or 3 per day. It was not so surprising that her recovery and healing time was much faster than the surgeon had expected- the big surprise was that an area in back of her mouth that needed the same sort of tissues and bone grafts- planned for Feb- that area had restored itself and is not now needed. The surgeon was amazed-although a bit skeptical that Qigong could renew bone and tissue –but it had and he could see it, the results, -both I and my wife were surprised and she relieved that she would need to go thru the extra surgery- I had thought to only help speed her healing but the LaChi healing went further than ever I had expected.


 Her cancer counts were dropping rapidly in front of the doctor's eyes! Ginny Walden, Honolulu, HI

One woman with third recurrence of breast cancer did this: She took her walkman to chemo and practiced the La Chi as she was taking chemo! Her cancer counts were dropping rapidly in front of the doctor's eyes! Try it! Why not! And do it the whole treatment. If I had known this when I was going thru chemo and stem cell rescue (now invalid for breast cancer, thank you very much AMA) I would have done it. Also, use Chi Massage after doing La Chi for a while on the area. This healed my breast completely of scar tissue In 3 weeks of doing La Chi and massage for :45 daily. And when I do chi massage, I think of a very loving thought and send it inside the area. I talk lovingly like a mother to an infant, whatever gets that warm glow going in you heart, and send the love inside. THIS WORKS! Did you know that scientists have found that our brain cells are the same as our immune cells? That means the body-mind connection has a hotline from brain to immune system. This why Chilel works (one of the reasons). You talk lovingly to your body and the immune system hears you and responds. The loving voice makes the cell relax and then the chi arrives.. and when chi arrives, all illness disappears! HAO-LA!  Ginny W.


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