Workshop & Retreat Experience

Dear friends, I have yet to attend a workshop that did not renew my energy, motivation, well-being, etc. I always feel as if I am literally glowing from the inside out. The inner smile refuses to stay inside! I also always learn something new and it is not always a new movement, but a new way of looking at what we're doing -the exercises we have learned already - and doing it just a shade differently than before. And, of course, there are many new and wonderful things to learn and do. The different forms of healing sessions seems to be infinite. It's very exciting. And you only need to do what your body allows! Listen to your body. But don't forget the mind either. Chi is truly powerful. Much Love and Chi, Nancy Parker, CA

 I want to thank all the wonderful students I met for all their love and compassion and fun while at Glen Ivy. I hope all of you out there get to go to a retreat.



 I Just wanted to say how wonderful is was to share such a fantastic retreat with everyone there and to connect with old friends and new ones. It was exciting to actually put faces with names from the forum. A big hug to you all and much, much loving chi and compassion. You are all in my heart. 

Nancy Parker

I just left the Retreat, too. It was inspirational to hear the testimonials; to hear how people have overcome incredible obstacles and are so happy and still work hard. I learned more about the practice and we had a good time.
Barbara Bochinski


I second Tracey's comments regarding Ontario and since returning home I miss my chi-lel friends and the wonderful practice. I realized more than ever how truely blessed we are to have a country
where we can practice such a healing, loving method without interference. I highly recommend to all that have not experienced a retreat to try to do so. Also watch for our mini-cam retreat and full moon practice to come to your computer soon! Blessings to all those that practice.!


Congratulations to newly certified Chi-Lel TM Qigong instructors: Donna McDermontt (FL1), Tine Russell (FL4), Karen Hunter (FL5) Jan Reason (BL2), and Paul Sullivan (BL5). Photo taken at recent Glen Ivy Retreat.

My family and I really had a great time learning and playing at Glen Ivy. We've come back to Los Angeles and are sharing ChiLel with Grandma Wong, Perry, Milly, and my sister. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We bless you and your profound work!

Opal, Margaret, Mary & Keith


      The retreat in Ontario more than fulfilled my expectations. I have been home 24 hours now (after 10 hours on planes and in airports) and can still feel myself vibrating with the force of the chi. Thank you to everyone who was there. You are all a part of me (as I am a part of you) from now on.

: Some things I learned (or relearned) at this retreat:
: 1. That I love my family, the other people in my life, and all the ChiLel practitioners more than I ever knew or imagined.
: 2. That the broken place inside me is not broken at all, but a kind of knot in the energy flow. When I made my silent wish in the middle of the healing circle, this knot, just underneath my heart, broke with an audible snap, and grief and joy came flooding down, cleansing me. I got my wish immediately!
: 3. That judgments about people and oneself are a source of illness.
: 4. That chi is powerful, and that it is probably the energy that vibrates in each molecule, cell, organ system, whole person, community, and ecosystem.
: 5. That self-limiting ideas are my main disease.
: 6. That healing does not come from the outside in (even if the allopathic medicine sets the stage for healing, it does not cure), but the the natural miracle of the body heals from the inside out.
: 7. That healing probably begins at molecular and cellular levels and works its way upward to larger structures, and, maybe, that is why personalities are so hard to change (that is, they are huge and complex structures of energy, with unimaginable numbers of "knots", and that only the healing intelligence of chi can deal with this level of complexity).

: There is more, but I will not occupy more space here (yet). Thank you, each one, for helping me on my journey.

: I love you,

: Tracy


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