Editor's View Point

Luke Chan


       We have received great healing news from Sal and Robbin (see their stories). I'm really happy, not just for them but also for all of us. We have demonstrated time after  time that it is possible for us to obtain the same "miraculous" results  here in America as in China. Chi is universal because love and compassion by any other name still the greatest healing tool.

       Chi-Lel is a system, not based on any guru, but base on common people, like you and me. Each one of us counts and each individual is just as effective as a healer for himself or herself as any masters. Anyone with a big ego will be left alone by oneself. Everyone who is willing to share their love and compassion will be merged in our great chi-field and gain ten million times of love and compassion back. When we translate the term "ten-million-times-of-love-and-compassion", it means result -- we are healed. We are happy. We are energetic. We love and  be loved by all the people around us, for we are one big loving chi-field.

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