Chi-Lel TM Instructor  of the Month -April

The healing power of Chi-Lel is from the heart of a person filled with love and compassion. Every month we choose  one instructor for his or her good deeds. Please nominate your favorite instructor to be the Instructor of the Month,  email to me at Hao La! Luke Chan


Lisa El-Kerdi

Teaches in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

         Last night I went to the prison for the first time. This is a juvenile maximum security facility for offenders under the age of 21. It has both a

state side and a federal side. Last night I went into both. Many of the prisoners have committed violent crimes with half of the federal prisoners in for murder.

     It was an amazing experience. I went in with a writing program and only had 20 to 30 minutes with each group for Chi-Lel. So I gave a brief introduction and went straight in to a modified version of the new La Chi. At first there was a lot of laughter, but that died down. I was sure to get their hands behind their backs so they would realize this was no girlie thing. One guy said he felt "peaceful". Another said he traveled to the stars. Almost all of them said they liked it and would like for me to come back. With one group I  was also able to demonstrate wall squats and let a few of them try.

        After Chi-Lel the writing teacher had them write about how they felt about their bodies. What they wrote was amazing. So much shame, so much hope, so much honesty. They touched me deeply.

    I believe that Chi-Lel can make a real difference in their lives. It can help them to heal body, mind, and spirit before they are turned out into the world again. I'll have to take things step by step, but I hope to get a weekly 2-hour program there. We'll see!

Loving chi to you all

Lisa was a master scuba diving  instructor:
Lisa plays with "Big dog"!
Swims with wild SHARKS!


Admires big fish in the deep

Updated Story received April 6 from Lisa:

Dear Friends:

Fasten your seatbelts. Last night at the juvenile prison, one of the

inmates gave me a copy of this poem she wrote since last week's class. It

speaks far more eloquently than I ever could of why I want to take Chi-Lel to

these kids. I'm still hoping the officials will carve time for me to have my

own program, but it's working well combined with the writing program - as you

can see.


Close your eyes and let the day slip far away,

Feel the powers of all eternal life come into your soul.

You feel as if your world is a liquid wall of fire,

Push it around, entwine it through your soft fingers.

Cyclones of stars from every size and color swirl about,

Spiraling, twisting, turning above and around your head.

Lights and bubbles flow foaming your whole body,

You're traveling faster than the speed of light.

Bright green, purple, blue, and gold dots pass you by,

And you slow and plunge through a mass of liquid life.

You twirl yourself about light as a cloud clear as water.

You extend your soul in all directions possible,

As burning gems of energy burst with sounds of freedom.

Mists of green spread slowly around your arms like a snakish wind,

Pull it, stretch it, swing it softly about.

Lay on your back floating in the clouds,

As the sun seeps into your golden skin.

Sparkles fall into an ocean of time,

You continue to cast yourself through puffy numbers around.

You breathe in the fire of a million souls,

Eternally this is the land your spirit flies in.

Come now my friend and grant yourself a wish.

For you are in the universe of eternal chi.





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