Jin Yo-Shan (Jin Lao-Shi)  




Jin Lao-shi and Luke Chan

at Beidaihe, China, January, 2000.


        I have a chance to study with Jin Lao-shi in Beidaihe, China this winter. Jin has achieved a high level of Chi-Lel qigong. How do we know that Jin has a high-level chi skill? Because he has treated many students with various diseases, including cancer, with great success. Those healed cases are documented at the Zhineng Qigong Center in China.

        A few years ago, Jin was immobilized by various illnesses: stomach cancer, heart disease, and paralysis. He once was the CEO of a large company and was well-to-do until he spent all his fortune on the medical bills. He attempted suicide but saved by his daughter.

        Jin began his journey to Chi-Lel when one day an old lady gave him Dr. Pang’s book on Lift Chi Up Method and told him to help himself. He refused to believe chi would heal him while all the best medicine in the world couldn't and didn't practice chilel until he dreamed of the same old lady for seven nights in a row. He finally took the messages seriously and began chi-lel earnestly. Since he couldn’t move his body, he used his mind to do the movements, imagining a “small man” doing the Lift Chi Up Method inside his stomach (Dantien area). As he practiced diligently, chi arrived and he could move and finally overcame all his ailments.

        How hard did he work? He told me that he locked himself in a cage and threw the key onto the floor until his wife returned from work to release him. Also he rode between a metal bar underneath his groin so that he couldn’t sit down but do the 3-Centers Merged Method. When he got better, he practiced 3-centers inside the busiest shopping mall in town. Everybody thought he was crazy and occasionally people cursed at him even spit on him. He held his “cool” and thus learned the skill of concentration under all circumstances. This training has enabled Jin to incorporate chi-lel into his life. He was feeling “release and absorb/ open and close” at all time. In other words, he has achieved “man and heaven” becoming one. 

        I am indeed, fortunate to have spent much private time with his master. I hope I can share some of his valuable insights with you in the upcoming retreats.

Happy gonging!!!!

Luke Chan

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