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A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.   

Recovering  from Cancer: Good News One: Sal Debari

I just wanted to report good news concerning my health. After the very powerful and healing retreat in Glen Ivy I had a blood test which showed the tumor level in my body dropped dramatically. The number dropped from 143 to 46, which is wonderful and happy news. I absolutely believe that every time I practice chilel qigong my tumors have disappeared and I am completely cured. If some blockages return, they are new and will dissolve with my next practice. Thank you for a beautiful, healing technique for self-healing.

Sal DeBari (middle), Santa Fe, March, 2000.

April 4, 2000 posting: I wanted to share more good news from the CT scans I had done this week. All tumors are smaller and I am certain that the power of chi, love and compassion in action, will continue to heal me. I remain open to an instantaneous cure with every practice, and I affirm that I am completely healed. I also remain patient and trusting, certain that chi-lel will accomplish miracles in my life. So many blessings and miracles have already occurred. With much love and gratitude. 

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Thank you for your update. We are thrilled to have been at Glen Ivy with you and to have been able to participate with you. Much loving chi and blessings,

: Lynne & Roger

Dear Sal, Your continued good news is wonderful to hear. I am so happy and know your are healed,too. I continue to keep you in my prayers and chi practice and especially in my heart. You are a very special person. Much loving chi, Nancy


Recovering  from Cancer: Good News Two: Robin Bohlin

Report from Lisa El-Kerdi, March 2000 

Do you remember Robin Bohlin? She's one of my students who came to Glen Ivy. 

Robin Bohlin attended the Glen Ivy retreat in March. She's been fighting cervical cancer for several years . Five years ago she had a hysterectomy to remove the cancer, but a mass was discovered on the pelvic wall last fall. She then had both radiation and chemotherapy. However, an examination in December indicated that the mass was still present.

Robin took a private Chi-lel class in December and a workshop in January. Since December she had no treatment other than Chi-Lel which she practiced for an hour or less daily until the Glen Ivy retreat. Last week Robin went in for another examination as radiation was scheduled to be resumed March 31. There was no sign of the tumor! It has disappeared, and Robin no longer requires radiation. Hao La!

Comments by Nancy Parker:

Thank you, Lisa, because Robin is special to me. We drove back from Glen Ivy so I could take her to the train, and we did LCUPCD in my living room so she wouldn't miss a day, or have to do it in a public place. I was quite impressed with her attitude and her dedication to her practice of Chi Lel. What wonderful news that she has had fantastic success! Much loving chi, NancyCA


Recovering  from Allergy: Good News One: Lisa El-Kerdi

     Another Healing Gift to report: For 8 years, springtime in the Southwest has been a living nightmare due to severe Juniper allergies. For 2 years the doctor treated me with some of his strongest medications including systemic antihistimine-decongestents, nasal steroids, and opthalmic antihistimines.

     Even medicated I felt beyond miserable. Then, concerned about toxicity, I switched to Chinese herbs for 6 years. Honestly, in 8 years I never metanyone with symptoms as severe as my own.

     Now we are at the height of Juniper season - high winds, pollen blowing everywhere, many people suffering. I've had some symptoms the last couple of days, but the pollen counts are at near record levels and even the animals are sneezing. I have still not taken a single dose of medication and feel a greater than 90% improvement. Another miracle! Hao La!


Recovering  from Allergy: Good News two: B.J. Irving


  When I rid myself of my allergies, I merely said daily, "my allergies disappear". I would use these affirmations during all the repetitive motions such as push/pull, etc. Also, use it during your beginning and closing practice.


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