Now his life is changed.

Lynn Dean


Hi Luke and Chi-Friends!

Here's a small write up by Rhea Brown. He told me he had been in numerous car accidents and that he was just like the people in your book, 101 Miracles of Natural Healings. Now his life is changed.

He and his friend Johnny learned ChiLel from the video and didn't know any other practitioners for the first year of their practice. It was an incredible feeling when they first joined our full moon group. We were kindred spirits!

Rhea brought his pen and paper to the last full moon because he wanted to write when he was all chi-ed up! It was heart warming and indeed his sincerity makes us all grin.

He said he could rewrite it if necessary... I didn't want to change a word as I typed it in.

I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Rhea and Johnny and it is a tremendous treat that we can come together and practice ChiLel!


My back was diagnosed as degenerative and hopeless ...

Rhea Brown doing wall squats while his friend, Johnny, watching in the background.

Beloved fellow ChiLel practitioners:

If you could see my X-rays you would probably shake your head hopelessly like the doctors do. Having been to all the doctors and therapies, my back was diagnosed as degenerative and hopeless. I was on heavy pain medication and medication for cramps and spasms.

Friends-- when I started ChiLel it took me two weeks to do one wall squat but friends my condition started to improve immediately upon starting. Chi friends-- I am working on my sixth gong now and want you to know my back pain has receded greatly. I stopped my medication and my cramps (spasms) have stopped entirely.

Friends...ChiLel brought the miracle I needed and could be the answer to your prayers.

Remember--if you have back pain, it's probably that you are not doing enough wall squats.

ChiLel love

Rhea Brown

P.S. Also I have not had one sick day since I started ChiLel.