100th day! periods normal!


Karen Tracy

Yay! Yesterday was my hundredth day of my Hao La Hula Gong!  I have been doing LCUPCD for a year and 7 months without missing a day, but I started the Hula for a problem of irregular, heavy and painful menstrual periods.

So many women told me that it was "peri-menopause" (I'm 42) and that "that's just what happens to us as we get older." The gynecologist said my choices were to go on hormone pills, or if it got troublesome enough to get a hysterectomy. Ha! as if I'd do that! American women have a hugely higher rate for that operation than do European women. And it is not without side effects.

So I drank strong red raspberry leaf tea, and started the Hao La Hula! I noticed immediately how my mingmen was not too loose at first, and how my spine would crack and readjust itself as I hula'd. I imagined my dantien was like Dr. Who's TARDIS -- a place of infinite space inside. I shouted out affirmations "uterus chi is plentiful!" "ovary chi is plentiful!" and I imagined that chi was a waterfall permeating all my tissues, then I would see if I could imagine the waterfall to be even stronger and more powerful, sweeping through me.

Since beginning the Hula, I have had NO PMS, and I have had THREE wonderfully normal, light, easy, and perfectly regular periods!!!

Tell your women friends! tell your wives, mothers,
daughters! It works!