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September 1997 Volume 1 Issue 5

1997 Full Moon

Tuesday - September 16
Wednesday - October 15
Friday - November 14
Saturday - December 13
Monday - January 12

Every full moon the founder, Pang Lao-Shi, organizes a chi-field for the 10 million ChiLel™ practitioners in the world. In the United States, the time is 8:00pm EST every full moon. So let's practice ChiLel together! Wherever your are, join with us.

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Another Successful China Trip

In June 1997, another group of Chi-Lel™ practitioners completed their training in the Zhineng Qigong Center in Beidaihe, China. Beidaihe is a beach resort where the Center has a satellite branch. Many participants were quite surprised as they arrived at this beautiful place because they had expected "nothing but hard work" after seeing the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven, plus a shopping spree in Beijing. It became a working vacation for us as we worked hard in tackling the first and the second level of Chi-Lel™ while enjoying the great chi field at the center.

Practicing Chi-Lel™ at the Beidaihe beach, Pang Lao-shi poses with our group
The China experience enriched us all. Although we came from all walks of life, in the end, we became friends for life. As Steve Krajacic put it: "This trip has become a love experience and one that will always be a part of my being."

Our next trip to China will be from May 31 to June 13 (extended stay until June 28), 1998. If you want to join us, please plan to register early as we will organize only one trip next year and will limit the number of participants.

Good News! Luke Chan will be appearing on national TV. The show, "Sightings" (Cable TV, Sci-Fi Channel) will air on September 11 or September 14. Please consult your local TV guide for date and time. You may want to record the show because it contains valuable information for your Chi-Lel™ practice.

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Editor's Viewpoint:
Luke Chan

"Teacher Jing, is that you?" With tears in her eyes, a young woman bowed to Jing as we strolled by at the Beidaihe Center. With much compassion, Jing emitted chi to her while holding her hands. Later Jing told me that two years ago when he was still a teacher at the Center, he admitted this woman into his class despite her severe lung disease. Why did he do that? "How could I walk away from her when she needed my help the most? Our teachers didn't abandon us when we needed them!" (Jing and his son also recovered from deadly diseases. See interview 35 in 101 Miracles of Natural Healing.)

Photo by Gordon Baer
Later I talked to the woman and she told me that she had been a fine athlete in school until she contracted the disease. The best medicine in the world had no effect on her and the hospital sent her home to die. Struggling for every breath, she wouldn't give up. "I wanted to live," she told me, with fire in her eyes. "When I first started Chi-Lel™ I just wanted to breathe. Now after two years, I want to run again."

The night before I left for America, I was touched when I saw her practicing Chi-Lel™ alone under a pine tree. Was I witnessing another miracle, and perhaps another passionate teacher in the making? I don't know. Yet silently I cheered her on, "Young lady, I'll be thinking of you. I'll tell the world about you so we all can cheer you on. We love you."

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Chi-Lel™ Has Changed My Life
Gina Reder, New York City
Gina Reder
I know now that the wrong medical diagnosis and subsequent treatments were responsible for neurological damages and a general decline in my overall health, but over the years I struggled with extreme fatigue. I had trouble concentrating and small tasks became insurmountable. My functioning ability diminished so much that it was even hard being with friends. But I kept trying: I watched my diet and tried this and that but always ended up in the same place-- exhausted.

Then one day I read an article by Luke Chan, "The Medicineless Hospital," and soon after attended a lecture given by him in NYC. I was very inspired and motivated to try Chi-Lel™ for myself. I purchased the videotape and started practicing at home. It was hard at first; I was so weak I could not hold my arms up to complete the form. But I really believed in Chi and kept trying. What I noticed immediately was a change in my mood. I was uplifted. I felt that I had tapped into a well of cosmic energy, a universal force, and I had hope for the first time in years. My breathing was no longer laborious, and slowly, little by little, I was able to complete "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down" method. Last August I felt strong enough to attend a two-day workshop after which my energy level doubled. Every day now I practice and notice improvements. Everything resonates with a newfound clarity and I am convinced that my health is finally being restored. Chi-Lel™ Qigong has changed my life.

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I Am Feeling Ten Years Younger

Dear Luke:

Dan Duplass, New Orleans, Louisiana

Season's greetings! Hope it is not too cold up there. It is nice and warm in the south!

Dan practicing Wall Squatting in front of a mirror.
Everything is going fine with me and I am enjoying our newsletter and your growing success. Your success would be most beneficial for this country. If you can succeed in bringing Chi-Lel™ consciousness to the United States, natural healing will give rise to a new consciousness. We need to start, for each individual to take responsibility for his or her well-being. I think this needs to happen before the planet can move on. I support you wholeheartedly.

After the advanced Chi-Lel™ seminar in November of '95, I decided to commit to doing Chi-Lel™ and 100 wall squats every day starting January 1, 1996. I have not missed a day since then, through work days, holidays, and, hardest of all, vacation days. And what I have become is healthy and very sensitive to my physical body. I notice my posture. I notice what food agrees with me. I choose to drink only water and wine. My exercise routine is better not only physically but in attitude. I've eliminated many little ailments, from rashes to shoulder pain. I've been completely devoid of sickness.

As I approach the end of one year of Chi-Lel™ , I am reminded of the benefits but also the hard work. The wall squatting is the most frustrating exercise I have ever done. It seems to have not gotten any easier after more than 330 days. It is always a stretch, and it is wonderful. I actually get high after completing the 100. Chi-Lel™ is easy and relaxing. Presently, I am working on straightening my arms and feeling the Chi pass through my arms. I am also working on keeping my head upright with my chin tucked.

Will I continue? Chi-Lel™ has spoiled me with sensitivity and good health. I don't want to lose that. I am feeling ten years younger and that is worth the time and effort. Chi-Lel™ , for me, is a simple way to take care of myself for the purpose of being alive and energetic. Thanks to all those that practice, and thanks to you, Luke, for your encouragement and guidance.

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My First 100-Gong
Elizabeth Breedlove
Somerset, New Jersey

I attended the three-day retreat at Omega in October 1996. On February 14, 1997, I completed my first 100 days of Chi-Lel™ practice.

My miracle is that I have great difficulty in learning any rhythmical movements (like dancing, aerobic exercise routines, yoga, etc.) because my mind does not hold the pattern. I used your video every day and did the movements with you. I was determined to keep using the video--even to the hundredth day if I had to--until I could do the three methods by myself. By day 60, I was able to remember how to do "Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down" and "Three Centers Merge Standing" methods without having to watch the tape--although I have since continued to use it. My average practice is 30 to 40 minutes a day.

A further sign of my success was that I completed my hundredth day of Chi-Lel™ practice in a Washington, DC hotel room at 10:30 in the evening. When I left for Washington that morning, I told myself I would complete my gong that evening, though I was tempted to begin my second gong after I'd returned home from my business trip. But after I experienced the joy of completing my hundredth day of practice I was determined that I would start my second gong the next day-- which I did.

As many other people have said about themselves, this is the first time that I have ever stuck to a practice and completed a commitment I made to myself. I do the practice because I know that the Chi is benefiting me in my body, mind, and spirit. Also, using the videotape, I feel that I have "an appointment with Luke" that I must keep each day.

Thank you for being the instrument of bringing this joy into my life.

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Chi-Lel™ Qigong Retreat Experiences
Debra Weisenburger Lipetz
Certified Chi-Lel™ instructor
Columbus, Ohio
On May 24, 1997, I attended the first "Six-Day Chi Lel Qigong Retreat" held at Oakwood Farm, in Indiana. I anticipated a great deal of physical work, which I knew would stimulate a greater capacity for self-healing.
"Those students who reach their self-healing goals most successfully reread the stories from 101 Miracles every day."

My personal practice consists of two to four hours of daily practice, depending on my schedule; plus I've taught frequent one-day Chi-Lel™ workshops over the past year. Nevertheless, I was a little apprehensive and unsure of my own abilities, while simultaneously excited about the possibilities of learning more. Within a few hours of my arrival, my self-doubts were diminished because the students, Luke, and Frank were so excited, motivated, and compassionate. We all had a common goal: to extend our psyche beyond our present capacity, to fully accept our responsibility for self-healing, to absorb as much knowledge and information as possible during our stay, and to accept the challenges presented to us. The unbelievable fact is that we all achieved our goals according to our individual needs! The week consisted of breaking through personal barriers and sharing our experiences in order to help one another.

One student, a practicing physician, visualized the blue sky and brought it into his body so effectively that he could easily practice the hour-long "Lift Chi Up." This particular hour consists of close to fifty shoulder rolls. His ability to extend himself and bring the blue sky back within his body enabled him to move continuously without effort. Plus, he emphasized that he repeatedly reads the stories from the book, 101 Miracles of Natural Healing. He reads five stories a day to gain insight and support from the descriptions of those students who have successfully healed themselves. His vivid descriptions helped all of us to increase our abilities, and I began rereading the stories.

Chi-Lel™ Retreat at Lily Dale, New York.
Personally, at this point in time, I was willing to try anything. I was experiencing great difficulty of movement throughout the shoulder area. I was becoming increasingly frustrated at my incapacity to visualize and let go. It seemed my mind could focus only on the pain my body was feeling. I understood intellectually what was necessary but my mind would not allow me to experience it. As I repeatedly used his visual description, there were brief moments of relief. So, I kept pushing...I kept trying!

Another woman, Anne, with systemic lupus, also had little difficulty with the movements. Here is an example of a student with disease who did not give up! She said she'd been practicing about an hour a day for several weeks with much effort. Yet, she continued. I could see her improving daily throughout the week. Watching her and listening to her stories reminded me of the instructors at the Center in China repeatedly saying to us, "like Nike...just do it!" Anne was an example of that philosophy. She facilitated her healing by visualizing expanding beyond the blue sky to the universe and from there, expanding even further to touch a golden netting of light, then pulling it back within herself and letting it float back outward and once again pulling it inward, over and over and over. Occasionally, she visualized Pang Lao-Shi, larger than life, gently pulling her arms, and pulling chi from her toward him. She also saw millions of arms supporting her lovingly, helping her to expand and push and pull with her, all the arms of the Chi-Lel™ practitioners from around the world. Thus, she never felt alone or unaided. Anne also mentioned reading the stories from 101 Miracles daily for support, insight, and motivation. So although I was still struggling, I was struggling less. Because everyone was openly sharing their experiences, I could incorporate bits and pieces of their visualizations into my own.

There were a handful of students at the retreat with no previous experience with Chi-Lel™ . Watching them struggle and achieve was exceptionally motivational for all of us. They were doing more than anyone could possibly imagine! The last day of the retreat, one of the students, Nancy, was able to complete the one-hour "Lift Chi Up," including the fifty shoulder rolls, effortlessly! After days of frustration and struggle, what a personal breakthrough! Luke and Frank kept challenging us to go beyond our limits and we succeeded--often through the examples of others. I too overcame my own weakness and reached beyond my self-limitations to a higher level of acceptance. It was an unbelievably rewarding experience!

What did I learn from the extended retreat? Every single individual has the capacity to expand beyond his or her self-limitations to facilitate natural healing. How do we get there? We learned three important facts:

"Luke and Frank kept challenging us to go beyond our limits and we succeeded--often through the examples of others. I too overcame my own weakness and reached beyond my self-limitations to a higher level of acceptance. It was an unbelievably rewarding experience!"
1. Those students who reach their self-healing goals most successfully reread the stories from 101 Miracles every day. This creates a basis for using, and then experiencing, the methods employed by the students in the book. I believe repeated reading of the stories allows us to assimilate the information properly in order to connect the mind and body successfully. Seeing firsthand the results of those students who apply the insights from the stories, over and over and over, indicates an effective method to open to self-healing.

2. The Chi-Lel™ retreat revealed that the students who practice diligently for a minimum of one hour or longer per day obtain dependable results. So, if we are ill, 16 minutes a day is simply inadequate. We need to intensity the effort in order to intensify the healing. It makes perfect sense!

3. Incorporating visualization is effective. Those students who are able to visualize the expansion of the blue sky and universe within and without the body are able to push beyond their self-limitations, which successfully opens them to increased healing. I believe we must strive to become a natural part of the undulating rhythmic expansion and contraction of the earth and universe so we can experience healing every moment.

Thus, the Chi-Lel™ Qigong retreat proved, both from my own experience and the stories shared by other students, that we all have the capacity to overcome our self-limitations and further enhance our own natural healing abilities. This occurs through practicing diligently, reading the stories from the book, visualizing, and sharing your experiences with other students. That's why I believe it's so important to consistently attend workshops and retreats to continually learn more and more. I look forward to my next learning experience and want to thank everyone at the retreat for their help in enhancing my own abilities. Lots of Chi!

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Counting My Blessings
  1. Doing Chi-Lel™ was the best thing I ever did for myself!
  2. I look forward to doing it every day with my mom!
  3. When I do the movements in the morning and at night I feel the sense of quiet and calmness around me!
  4. I have never missed a day since I started and I am definitely going to keep on doing the movements even if I'm tired, because it's a great effort on my part!
  5. My goal is to walk again! I know I can do it now!
  6. Someday I will go to China and thank Dr. Pang!
  7. I thank you, Luke, very much for everything, you're my friend!

Ruthie Severson
Webster Grove, Missouri

Ruthie and Her Mom
The Best Gift I Ever Gave My Son
Julie D. Kennicott, Houston, Texas

Last June before you came to Houston my brother came from California to see me because of my failing health. He was surprised to find me as well as I was. Previously I had gotten your video on Chi-Lel™ and had begun doing it daily. I then took your class at the end of June. By my birthday in August I was in better health than I have been in several years. We celebrated.

Julie Practices Chi-Lel™ at Home.
Shortly after that I contacted my son in Australia, sending him a compatible copy of the tape and the book. My son, Britt, had been in a serious car accident on June 23, 1995 and was hospitalized for three months. His pelvis had been broken in four places and the doctors did not feel he would benefit from surgery. The bones semi-knit together and he was still in excruciating pain 15 months later when I sent him the tape last September. He and his flat mate did "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down" twice a day doing both the demo and the long version. As thrilled as he was about his returning strength he was equally thrilled by his depression lifting. His letter said this was the best gift I had ever given him!

He has now achieved one gong (100 days of consecutive daily practice) and has moved back to Melbourne where he's been able to resume work as a bricklayer. In proofreading this letter, Britt added, "This is particularly remarkable since the orthopedic surgeon told me the only kind of job I would be able to hold was one where I would be able to sit down and walk away when I couldn't sit down any longer. And now I can return to being a bricklayer carrying weight, bending down and standing up as needed." Most people agreed with the surgeon, never expecting him to recover.

Britt has always had confidence in his body's ability to heal when encouraged. Chi-Lel™ , though new to him, gave him that encouragement. I am proud of his tenacity and consistent hard work on this! The doctors cannot explain how it is possible that there is no X-ray evidence of even hairline fractures. Britt's right leg is one inch shorter than his left; X-rays show the displacement and deformity but the bone tissue is completely healed.

After getting to one gong he quit doing Chi-Lel™ . But started again two days later when the pain returned. This time he is doing "Three Centers Merging" again and doing both sets together. He has been a bricky, which is what they call him in Aussie, for three weeks without missing a day. Because his bones no longer have any sign of fracture he can safely go scuba diving. While the fractures were still there he could not dive without serious--even life threatening--risk. He wants to make a long term career of being a scuba instructor, and Chi-Lel™ has again made this a possibility. Thank you.

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