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January 1997 Volume 1 Issue 4

1997 Full Moon

Thursday - January 23
Saturday - February 22
Sunday - March 23
Tuesday, April 22

Every full moon the founder, Pang Lao-Shi, organizes a chi-field for the 10 million ChiLel practitioners in the world. In the United States, the time is 7:00pm to 10:00pm EST every full moon. So let's practice ChiLel together! Wherever your are, join with us.

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Editor's Viewpoint:
Luke Chan

Let's organize a chi-field:

Imagine the top of your head reaches to the blue sky and your feet step into the earth until they reach the Chinese blue sky on the other side of the globe.
Photo by Gordon Baer
Then visualize the North American map and expand the front of your body to California, your back to New York, your left side to the Gulf of Mexico, and your right side to Canada. Now image your body expanding in the six directions to occupy the solar system, the Milky Way and the universe. Since there is only one infinity, you and I have become one. Now let's invite Pang Lao-Shi, all the teachers at the Center, and 10 million Chi-Lel practitioners to join us. So we all have become one. As everyone projects love and compassion into this huge energy field, everyone in it benefits by receiving love and compassion multiplied a million fold in return. As you are immersed in this loving chi-field, you are the child of the universe. You have a right to be here, to be free, to have dignity, and most of all, to be yourself. As a human being, you have the healing power within yourself. Practice Chi Lel diligently, you will develop this inherited power to achieve health, inner peace, and joy. Wan Yuan Ling Toon! Hou La!

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Looking Forward to 1997

I was greatly touched when I received Joni's letter (her story in this newsletter). She wrote "I experienced a real tough start on Chi Lel! I suffered from insomnia for two weeks and became more sensitve to odors. Though I wanted to quit a thousand times, I became stubborn instead and decided to continue the practice even if it killed me..."

Joni's voice echoed those in the 101 Miracles of Natural Healing and I silently thanked Pang Lao-Shi for giving us Chi Lel. These voices of human spirit have changed my life and continue to serve as a motivator for me to carry on Pang Lao-Shi's mission--to spread Chi Lel to serve mankind. As I wrote in the foreword to 101 Miracles as an answer to those who advised me to alter the interviews to make them seem more reasonable,"To change these accounts to suit average beliefs would be a denial of encouragement and hope to those who truly need it. So the stories in this book remain exactly as they were told to me. Furthermore, I will endeavor to compile a sequel--of miracles involving Americans who've had the courage to try and triumph with the help of Chi Lel."

To build an organization from one person (Pang Lao-shi) to 10 million (including you and me) in fifteen years takes more than commitment, hard work and good luck. It requires whatever holding people together works. Chi Lel works! When someone practices Chi Lel for 100 days, he or she finds that Chi Lel works. Because it works, the person is encouraged to practice more. When someone practices more, Chi Lel works even better. This positive feedback eventually transforms the person to a higher level of health and happiness. Practicing this healing art becomes a passion and a tool for achieving self-excellence.

Our goal for 1997 is to have 20,000 more people practicing Chi Lel every day in America and Canada. To achieve this goal, we have to work together to bring this healing art to the family, church, school, office, retirement center, and wherever there is a need. As Chi Lel gathers momentum in the US and Canada, we plan to hold week-long intensive Chi-Lel retreats in different parts of the country. These six-day retreats are for instructor-trainees and for anyone who is interested in receiving intensive training and group healing.

Meanwhile, Frank and I wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year! Wan Yuan Ling Toon!

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Wall Squatting Exercise Saved Me from Injury
J. Daya Madison
New York City

How very much I appreciate the wall squatting exercise that Luke and Frank taught in their New York workshop last August. Without doubt, this saved me from suffering and again having to wear a leg brace.

I had recently injured to my right leg and had repeated falls, which increased the tears each time. So I was initially hesitant to do the wall squatting. However, with Luke's encouragement I gradually proceeded to do one, then two the first night. I increased the number to ten at a time, doing about thirty wall squats per day.

This really paid off when a folding tripod stool collapsed just when I was about to sit on it. With great ease, I was able to stand up without falling because of the strength the of the wall squatting practice had given me. Without it, I certainly would have been back in the brace and crutches.

Daya poses with
Frank and Luke.

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My Doubt is Healed
Deliah Rosel, Northampton, MA

I have not been someone who easily feels chi energy coming into me. This has always confused me since I've enjoyed a successful massage practice for the past ten years and can easily sense energy movements in others. Nor have I previously received clear life-path messages. So I was surprised last Fall, after beginning to practice qigong, when a strong inner voice said, "Get a passport." Eight months later, after taking my first Chi-Lel Qigong workshop, I heard, "Go visit the medicineless hospital in China."

Deliah Shakes Hand with Pang Lao-Shi.
I had read 101 Miracles and as a member of the second China tour I listened to students at the Center tell us their amazing healing stories. I even watched the virulent growth of over thirty plantar warts disappear from my right foot while I was practicing in China-- and yet a part of my mind still tried to explain it away somehow.

On the day that Pang Lao-Shi was delivering chi to each of the 2,000 students at the Center, I found myself walking toward him still harboring my doubts about this whole healing phenomenon. I didn't feel anything special as I approached -- walking through the chi canopy created by his senior teachers. As I placed my hands in his I felt them softly sinking and floating in a warm glow as big as a beach ball, and a sense of complete peace came over me. That tangible sensation of energy put my doubts at rest.

Now as I continue my second 100 days of daily practice, I feel a deepening inner strength, like a warm golden tube through the center of my body, allowing me to move through my days without the fear and doubt that used to be my constant companions. At the first Chi-Lel workshop I taught, I witnessed specific healings of three of the students -- swollen glands returning to normal, severe ear ringing of one year's duration diminishing to almost quiet, and a state of agitated anger calmed.

I want to thank Frank Chan for leading our group to the Center and especially for capturing on film the moment that changed my life.

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"I Believe Chi Lel Literally Saved My Life."
David Hunter, Cleveland, OH

In October 1995, I was diagnosed as having hemochromatosis, a genetic condition that causes abnormal retention of iron. Untreated, this illness causes severe organ damage leading to death. My symptoms were liver damage and severe arthritis in my ankles.

David Hunter
The treatment for this is to have a pint of blood withdrawn weekly. Two doctors told me that it would take two years to return my iron levels to normal. However, after some initial success, the level declined only 500 points in four months. I was in constant pain and feeling helpless and hopeless when Chi Lel came into my life. I took the three-day intensive workshop in March. Almost immediately, the arthritis pain began to leave. I focused on my ankle healing as I did Lift Chi Up. In May, although there was steady improvement in my ankles, there was only a slight decline of 22 points of iron. Then I changed the imagery and saw chi coming in and iron leaving.

The doctor told me it would take four years to restore normal iron levels. By that time my liver could become cancerous so we went to taking two pints of blood a week. I continued to practice every day.

Only July 15th, I was tested again and was told that a drop of 300 points would be excellent. My level dropped 1,868 points. By September it dropped another 1,000 points which, although still high has put me out of danger. The arthritis has almost completely gone and my liver has made substantial recovery. I will continue to use Chi Lel for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing Pang Lao-Shi's knowledge and wisdom with the world.

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Chi Lel Heals the Heart
Dorothy Carroll, Keene, NH

I learned the Chi-Lel exercise in the first week of August 1996. At this point the doctors believed there wasn't any more that they could do medically for my arrhythmia (irregular, rapid heart beat), which causes fibrillation. The only treatment the doctors could give to get my heart rate to beat normally was electric shock. They tried this method in June of 1996 after a serious infection in my lungs, but it didn't work. Once my infection cleared up the doctors planned to try it again.

I was admitted to the hospital on August 19th, 1996. At this point I had been practicing Chi Lel daily for about two weeks. When I was put on the heart monitor, the doctors discovered my heart was already on normal rhythm. They continued to monitor my heart for 24 hours. The doctors were amazed that my heart was doing so well. I told them about my sessions of Chi Lel and the exercise program I had been doing. On August 26th I was scheduled for a follow-up exam. I had an EKG. The EKG showed my heart continued to beat in normal rythym.

I'm very grateful to my teacher, Collin Ricketts, for introducing me to Chi Lel.

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"I Decided to Continue the Practice Even If It Killed Me"
Joni Kerwin, Evergreen Park, IL
On August 25th, I attended Luke's mini Chi-Lel workshop held at the NHF's Health show in Chicago. I am a R.N. with a master's degree in nursing and have been disabled since 1983 with chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities. Though it's been a long time, I have not quit hoping and fighting for the health I once had. Since 1983, I have tried many alternative approaches and have also improved somewhat but continue to suffer some persistent symptoms.

Luke's positiveness touched me during the workshop and rekindled my former interest in Chinese healing art. I decided to purchase the video-book-audiotape combo that day and can honestly say that today is the 88th day of my first 100-day gong. I've not missed a day since the seminar day!

"... now I wonder how it could have been so difficult."
I experienced a real tough start! The first week of performing the "Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down" method was excruciating. Sweat would drip off me and my muscles shook. I started with two sessions a day. I suffered from insomnia for two weeks and became more sensitve to odors. Though I wanted to quit a thousand times I became stubborn instead and decided to continue the practice even if it killed me.

In about two weeks, the practice became easier and now I wonder how it could have been so difficult. Much to my surprise, one of my most bothersome symtoms-- a rapid pulse in response to certain foods and chemicals--improved the first (& rather dramatically.) After the initial two weeks, I have ended everyday with a calm pulse rate. Several evenings -- I actually had energy and felt really alive mentally. I also sleep very deeply now.

The calming of the pulse rate was in itself, an indication to continue to practice. And I'm interested in seeing what else improves!

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Questions and Answers
by Pang Lao-Shi

Editor's Note: Over the years, Pang Lao-Shi has answered many questions about Chi-Lel Qigong practice through the monthly Chinese magazine, Chi-Lel Qigong Science. We'll translate some of his answers so as to help you better understand your practice. If you have questions, please write to us and we will find a similar question and its answer by Pang Lao-Shi.

When I emitted chi to different patients, I discovered that there were different chi reactions. I don't understand what kind of phenomena they were. From the area infected, some patients' chi is cold, some is hot, some have chi coming out from their belly or back, some have chi which can hit hands, some have chi which has a sucking force. Are these so-called "insubstantial-substantial, cold-hot" reflections from the illnesses?

Don't pay attention to these things. If we pay attention to these things, we won't make much progress in Chi Lel. Some students attempt to mix Chinese medicine's theory including yin/yang--inside/outside, cold/hot--insubstantial/substantial, meridian/internal organs, but if you include these things, your method is no longer called Chi Lel. In Chi Lel we don't emphasize these things. Many teacher-trainees don't feel these special sensations; the teachers at the Center also don't have such feelings. Ignore them and you will solve the problem. There are not many benefits from these feelings. When organizing a chi-field, you don't know any of the illnesses but the illnesses still disappear. Chi Lel is that simple and to the point. It is an improvement from the old style qigong. It is simple and practical. I hope you can put down your old qigong concept and study more about Chi-Lel theory. You will discover the secrets of Chi Lel and put its power into use.

Before we emit chi to recently broken bones, should we put the bones back to their proper posture first? Do we have a standard regarding when to discard the cast after emitting chi to a broken bone? Can we emit chi to a serious injury before the wound is cleaned and closed?

Apparently you are in the medical profession. When using chi healing, we should put aside the medical restrictions. If an open wound is full of dirtl, you can use some water to wash it. However, as Chi-Lel healers, the first thought that comes to us is "He or she is well (Hou La)." Don't first think, "There is dirt. Let's wash it immediately!" Banish these thoughts. If you don't, your mind intent and the injury will become one, and the healing result will not be good. We should change our pattern of thinking.

Many teachers have healed a lot of broken bones spontaneously. For example, Teacher Tso went to the City of Dachow to give a lecture and healed seven people with broken bones right there. Also, the son of the city hospital director of Dachow had been injured. His thigh ballooned up. Upon examination, the doctors found that the son's bones weren't broken but some blood vessels were. For one day and night, the doctors would not allow the patient to move. The father wanted to bring his son to Teacher Tso for chi healing. But the doctors objected, "You can't move him! Not even slightly!" So the father invited Teacher Tso to the hospital. "Do you believe in Chi Lel?" Tso asked. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" the son answered while still being irrigated with salt water. After circling the bed five times, Tso asked the patient to look at his thigh. There were wrinkles coming up, so the chi was effective. Tso asked him to get up but the doctors objected. His father intervened, "Listen to Teacher Tso." The son got up off the bed, and walked one circle. No more problem!

After we learn the Wan-Yuan-Chi theory, if we really put it into practice, it will work. In the city of Shi-Ka-Chong, the teachers carried out an experiment on treating water pollution. They delivered chi from inside a house and most of the bacteria in the water was destroyed. At this year's Chi-Lel conference, there will be more than 700 articles on Chi-Lel experiments in various areas: treating and softening water, destroying bacteria ... In Hunan, when chi is emitted to the soil, the production increases significantly.

Wan Yuan Chi can be used whatever way you want. Generally, those who obtain good results in experiments are those who with less education. Their brains are not restricted. Educated people are always worrying, "What would happen if we didn't kill the bacteria? What if there is no fertilizer? What if there is no water?" Worrying so much becomes a problem. During a fa chi experiment, for instance, you want better results, so you divide the chi into two parts, one part to destroy bacteria and the other to increase the life of the subject. But the more you try to think, the more trouble is created. The results will be less effective. Use Chi Lel theory: If you want wheat to grow better, just think "more and larger grains." The Chi Lel theory, we look at the whole thing and concentrate on the end result. The theory applies both to healing and scientific research.

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"I Wouldn't Believe It
If I Hadn't Seen It!"!
Sally Barendse, Arlington, UT

A miracle, small though it may seem to others, feels earth-shattering to me. During the Chi-Lel Qigong retreat in Omega, when practicing the wall-squatting, I could go only a third of the way down before my knees felt as if they were being pierced by knives and my aching thighs said "Stop!" I realized I was trying to do it on muscle power alone-- and it wasn't working! On the fourth day, we were at my sister, Nancy's (having just completed two Lift Chi UP and two repetitions of Three Center Merged). No longer did I feel solid, but like pure energy. I gathered up my nerve to try "the Wall" one more time -- being hesitant because I thought it would take at least two months of daily qigong practice before I'd achieve success with "the wall." To my JOY, I went down effortlessly, in correct form--I was so excited that I started yelling, "I did it! I did it! Nancy, look--I can do it!" I came up easily and repeated it five more times. Nancy said, "I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it!"

I've had many successes in my life and am basically a happy person, but nothing has ever moved me like this "being with the chi." For this I thank you with all my heart -- the joy is now part of my daily life. I've been practicing Lift Chi Up three times a day--even get up at 5 a.m. so I have plenty of time before I go to work. This has truly changed my life!

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Chi-Lel™ Qigong Certification Program

There are two levels of Chi-Lel™ Qigong certification offered. The requirements for certification are listed below.

A. Chi-Lel™ Qigong Level One
(Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method and Three Centers Merged Standing Method, La Chi, and Wall Squatting)
  1. 110 hours of Level One training
    1. One basic 2-day workshop and two 6-day retreats, or
    2. One 6-day retreat (or two 3-day retreats) and one China trip
  2. Practice Level One for a minimum of one year with at least 365 hours
  3. One-day Examination (to be held during a 6-day retreat):
    1. Part One, 2-hour written test (Gong Li):
      Chi-Lel theory including case studies of individuals in 101 Miracles of Natural Healing
    2. Part Two, 6-hour practical test (Gong Fa):
      2-hour Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method, wall squatting 50-times, and other practices.
  4. Good moral standards
  5. Follow teaching guidelines as set forth by the Chi-Lel™ Qigong Center, such as:
    1. The instructor must provide each student taught with course material consisting of one copy of the book 101 Miracles of Natural Healing and one copy of the audiotape of Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down
    2. The term "Chi-Lel" is a trademark of the Chi-Lel™ Qigong Center. Instructors may use this trademark for advertising purposes provided that the symbol "TM" is placed next to the word Chi-Lel
  6. Continuing education: One 3-day retreat every two years
  7. Recertification every two years

B. Chi-Lel™ Qigong Level Two
(Body and Mind Method)
  1. Must be qualified for Chi-Lel™ Qigong Level One to begin level Two instructor's training
  2. 100 hours of Level Two training (Two 6-day retreats of Body and Mind Method training)
  3. Practice of Body and Mind Method for a minimum of two years and a minimum of 1,000 hours
  4. One-day Examination:
    1. Part One, 2-hour written test (Gong Li):
      Chi-Lel theory, emphasizing on the rationale and the healing functions of each sequence of the Body and Mind Method
    2. Part Two, 6-hour practical test (Gong Fa):
      Including 2-hour Body and Mind Method, wall squatting 100-times and additional practices.
  5. Continue education: One 6-day retreat every two years
  6. Recertification every two years

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