Healing Good News for Prostate

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I got the results back--it was 0.6!!!

 Larry James

Columbus, Ohio 

I have been meaning to post this for the last month or so and decided why not now. In recent years I was seeing my doctor regarding a swollen prostate gland and was put on yearly then twice a year checkups when it started to get worse. The doctor told me not to take any herbs and I honored that request, but started to do the Hoala Hulas (move waist-raise kwa from level II). In 6 months the prostate was almost normal and I went back to once a year checkups. Nov 1999 was my checkup and he said that it was still pretty much normal, with just a little swelling on the right side. He asked for another PSA test to see what was happening. I checked with my regular doctor for the last reults(3 years ago) and he said that it was low(0.7) and sent the new test out to the lab. He told me that at my age (in late 40's) that an increase of about 0.7 per year is normal and to be expected. He further said that any PSA under around 2.1 for me would be considered very good. Just before the end of the year I got the results back--it was 0.6!!! I tell you Chi-lel Qigong is cool isn't it. No more yearly tests unless I am having a problem and I didn't have to do any invasive medical techniques to get rid of the problem.
With healing chi to all


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