Healing Good News for nerve regeneration

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  


The doctor's diagnosis: "nothing short of a miracle could regenerate that cut nerve."

Miracle: A few months later I had been putting on an earring and suddenly noticed that I did have feeling in that earlobe...


Trisha Brunelle points to Zhang's picture: Thank you Zhang Hung-Sun for giving me hope !


In June of 1998 I had surgery on my face to remove a tumor on my right parotid gland. The surgeon needed to make an incision from the top of my ear to the middle of my neck in order to remove the growth. The doctor stated clearly that I would loose feeling in my lower ear because he had to cut across a small nerve. When I asked if I could regain any feeling he replied , "nothing short of a miracle could regenerate that cut nerve."

In July of 1998 I was introduced to chi-lel at a workshop with Lynn Dean. Immediately, I knew I had found a practice to embrace for my healing , emotionally as well as physically. I went to the Mt. Shasta retreat in August and began my first gong. I did LCUPCD for 21 minutes, La Chi for 20 minutes, and 100 wall squats a day. I had done 100 wall squats to a beautiful tree on Mt. Shasta the last day of the retreat and said if I could do it one day then I could do it everyday, so I DID! I do not recommend starting this way, but I was desperate to help heal my tissue from the scar and remove the tingling sensation from the numbness on my face and my ear. I felt the power of the wall squat and knew deep inside the chi would help heal my incision.

I also read three stories from 101 Miracles each day. Luke had said that these healing stories would reinforce my belief eventually to become my story and he was right. Zhang Hung -Sun's story about regenerating nerves in his toe inspired me to do the same for my ear. I knew if he could heal his toe, I could heal the nerves in my ear and face. Thank you Zhang Hung-Sun for giving me hope !

When I practiced La Chi, I gathered chi between my hands at my navel area until I could feel the chi filling up the space between my hands. I then raised my hands to the right side of my face and delivered the chi to the incision area by my ear thinking blue sky then body. I envisioned my face and ear returning to normal. The scar on my neck and face healed completely without leaving a mark. A few months later I had been putting on an earring and suddenly noticed that I did have feeling in that earlobe and laughed that I had not even noticed the change. The chi had healed my nerves in spite of the doctor's diagnosis.

Now when I practice chi-lel I visualize that I am planting seeds of love and happiness in every cell of my body and mind. The chi is the sunshine and the rain that nourishes my cells to bloom into beautiful healthy flowers. When we love and honor our bodies we are able to love and honor all those who cross our paths in this life. Our garden of life is nourished and tendered by the love and compassion that is ever present in the chi field. This love expands allowing us to help one another to realize the importance of each one of us in this wonderful world. Whatever we accomplish in the healing chi field lifts up humanity for a lifetime.

Thank you Luke and Frank for sharing the gift of chi-lel.

Hao-La !