Healing Good News for lupus

A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  

My lupus symptoms have decreased.

Karen Wong

It has become clear that my practice of ChiLel has greatly benefited me. My acupuncturist says my energy has increased and is noticeable in my pulse. My lupus symptoms have decreased; I've gained needed weight; my hair has stopped falling out. Never have I been able to get through a winter without a cold or flu until this year. I feel stronger. My deepest gratitude to you.


In short, his functions has returned to normal.

Joel Lim

A young man suffered from SLE which is a chronic, often life-long, autoimmune disease. That was a year ago when his symptoms first appeared. That young man was MY son. His illness caused anxiety to us....nagging problems that do not go away. One day, he collapsed in his office. After a series of medical test, he was finally diagnosed with SLE. One of the characteristic was a rash across his face. It was a relief because finally the disease has a name! My wife and me visited the Internet and logon to cnn WebMD to find out more about SLE. We learned the drugs prescribed today and its side effects. We were prepared for everything what the modern medicine has for SLE. We took him on his regular visits to the doctor and he faithfully took his medicine - plenty. Make his body bloated by the steroid drugs. We taught him Zhineng Qigong. He does wall squats daily. Six month ago, he has reported back to work. His blood count is back to normal. His  "butterfly"  mark on his face is gone. His hair has stopped dropping. His bloatness is history. In short, his functions has returned to normal. His doctor has cut down on his medications drastically. Qigong, a traditional Chinese medicine complements modern medicine.  If only medical doctors have open minds...the world would be a better place to live. The ultimate aim of medicine whether traditional or modern is to heal the patient and maintain good health. 











-- samples from "101 Miracles of Natural Healing"



You Ought to Be Dead by Now

When Ms. Liu told me the name of the major illness she had, I didn't recognize it. Even when she wrote the name down, I still didn't get it. "Well, put it this way, it is as serious as having an incurable cancer. Three of us in our village had this disease at the same time; two died a long time ago and I am the only survivor." That got my attention.

"In 1985, I developed arthritis along with this disease (later I learned she had systemic lupus), and my health went downhill. My digestive, vascular, nervous, and nearly every other system of my body went bad. I felt pain if someone touched one of my muscles; my hands looked as if I were dead; I wore winter clothes in the summertime.

"A hospital became my regular home. Daily I saw dead bodies being carried away from this horrible place. When would it be my turn? I was afraid of death—who doesn't want to live?

"One day a relative of my hospital roommate suggested that ChiLel could bring hope to me. So, accompanied by my little brother, I came to the Center in March 1993. After two months of ChiLel therapy, I could take care of myself and my brother went home. After a few more months, I had completely recovered. When I returned to my village, many people came to see the miracle of my recovery and asked me to teach them ChiLel. Instantly I became a famous teacher in my village, and many sick people were healed by doing ChiLel diligently. They believed in the curative effect of ChiLel because they had witnessed my transformation.

"When I went back to my doctor in the hospital, he was very surprised to find me still alive, asking, 'Is that you, Ms. Liu? You ought to be dead by now.'"

"Did you tell him to inform his patients with similar illnesses that there is an alternative way of getting out of their death traps?"

"He should do so without me telling him."

I wonder if the doctor will be inclined to do anything—What do you think?

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