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A mighty ocean is made up of drops of water. A great healing chi-field is made up of individual healing stories. Every healing story is a story of love --the love of oneself and others through ups and downs. Every healing story is a story of  triumph -- the triumph of one's spirit over one's temporarily setback. Life is no guarantee. We love life as it comes.  



She pointed her fingers at it for about 30 seconds. It seems to have disappeared (immediately)!

Richard Bolstad of New Zealand


Hi folks

Updating you on Margot's progress. A week ago, Margot

was only just able to get up in the morning. She had

considerable pain despite her medication, and she was

sleeping and half awake most of the day. Right now she

is alert most of the time, and laughing etc. She is

reducing her pain medication and her symptoms are

reducing. Yesterday, Margot told Dong Laoshi (the

teacher working with her) that she had slight pain in

her arm (last week she had serious lymphoedema

there). Dong Laoshi identified that the problem was

one tumor in Margot's neck. She pointed her fingers

at it for about 30 seconds. It seems to have

disappeared (immediately). Another woman coming to see

Dong Laoshi has had a large number of tumors

disappear (yesterday). A friend of ours came to her

last week for overweight problems. He has had 2

kilograms a day disappearing from his body. These all

seem like good signs to us!



A scan showed that the tumour had disappeared

                   Richard Bolstad of New Zealand


Many other people around us have been healed by Dong Laoshi though. One was a 5 year old boy with an inoperable brain tumour the size of a mandarin orange. He couldn't see, walk, talk or hear. He had been like that for 3-4 weeks. After 4 sessions of fa chi, he could do all these things, and a scan showed that the tumour had disappeared. A few other people have had tumours dissolve overnight, or been cured of other major illnesses almost instantly.

Even Margot had one experience like this. She had pain down one arm as a result of one of the tumours in her chest. By looking inside her body, Dong Laoshi identified which tumour was the cause, and sent chi to it. It disappeared in 30 seconds. So there have been various positive changes, and Dong Laoshi still tells her this will work. Margot's general situation seems (according to Dong Laoshi, other teachers, and herself) to be mainly held up by her own panic attacks. It's very strange because this is her line of work (healing panic!) -maybe that's why; it's a case of the physician not having the confidence to heal themselves. At present she is not sleeping much, not eating much, and is very weak. She is still doing several hours of healing a day. I've started to think of it as a case where you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

 I just danced around the room in joy

Deborah Lissom


I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support and healing at the

workshop in Oakwood. Of course, there are never words that are adequate in

thanking someone for something as meaningful as healing....

I wanted to send Barbara more info for the internet or for the newsletter,

but I cannot find her email address. Can you forward this to her for me?

What is her email address?

I wanted to be sure that she puts in the name of the disease since there

are so many people in pain out there that are struggling with this disease

that causes kidney failure.  It is finally being diagnosed correctly in

the last 10 years, and it is a very prevalent disease.

Here goes:

I attended Luke's workshop at Oakwood in fall of 1996. I was in pretty bad

shape then, in bed at least a weeks out of each month, on Darvaset for

pain, and hospital visits due to internal bleeding from  ruptured cysts

from polycystic kidney disease. I told my kidney specialist that I was

going to study Chinese medicine and find an answer for all this, and that

  he would see......  Well, after Luke's workshop, I did Chi-lel faithfully

for 60 days, then I got sick and was in bed for a month. I didn't lose my

belief in Chi-Lel, I just couldn't get past the pain and exhaustion to

keep disciplined.

I continues doing  the Tai Chi I had recently learned, took herbs, did

acupressure on the meridian for my kidneys, and I improved a lot.  I

learned to manage the pain so that I could stop taking pain medication, my

blood pressure lowered, but the cysts just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I felt like I was 6 months pregnant; the cysts stuck out both sides and

pushed out the front. On the ultrasound, all you could see was one large

sponge, no other internal organs could be seen. They were huge. My kidney

functioning was at 50%.

Then when I attended Luke's workshop this fall at Oakwood, a miracle

happened for me. On Saturday and Sunday, I felt so nauseous, teary, and

weak. I knew something was happening. At night I would go to bed and there

was a buzzing, tingling sensation up and down my legs and all around my

kidneys. Then Monday night we had a healing circle. I went to bed feeling

the same, but I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom, and

I felt so light, like a child. I felt my sides, and I could not even feel

the cysts sticking out. I just danced around the room in joy, feeling the

beauty that only healing can bring.

The next day I did the 30 minute gong of wall squats. I stopped counting

at 120! I had never done more than 40 before, and that was holding on the

the door jamb! I alternately cried and laughed out loud during the squats;

my body had never experienced the chi flowing up and down like that. It

was a transforming experience to say the least.

The workshop was over November 10th, and everyday since then I face the

wall doing my 100 a day gong, and I thank Luke and Chil-Lel, and I

apologize to my kidneys for abusing them for so many years with all the

anger and stress I channeled in to my body. My husband stands behind me

doing Fa-Chi, and that too helps me so much.

If a Chi-Gong master is determined by the number of people that one has

taught to heal themselves, then Luke Chan is surely one of the greatest of


Thank you for the rest of my life,

Love, Deborah Lissom

My ear popped and my hearing was completely restored!


Miami, Florida

I learned Chi-Lel from a video and practiced 3 months before taking a seminar with Luke Chan.  But I have to tell you that after just 12 days, I got wonderful healing results.  I also had been practicing TaiChi, and had really benefited from it in many ways (getting stronger, more patient, more relaxed etc), but there was no comparison to practicing Chi-Lel.  I was so impressed, I made the trip to China 6 months later to study at the Training Center.  I received my Instructor certification there, but my first goal was to cure myself of a partial hearing loss in my left ear.  I wanted to be one of those miracles that happened through the practice of Qigong.  I practiced 8-10 hours a day, and there were no signs of improvement, however the morning after the Full Moon practice (with 1500 of us practicing together), my ear popped and my hearing was completely restored!  So I encourage you to get the video and also the book of case histories, and you will be truly inspired to practice.


 Glasses gone!


Deborah Lissom

I had an exhilarating experience today. I retook my drivers test and threw away the glasses that I have needed since I was 12 years old! I have been doing 6 Directions since the May workshop at Oakwood, not really thinking about my eyes, but when I put my glasses on to drive to town today, everything looked blurry. I took the glasses off and everything was much clearer. I got so excited that I drove straight to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and retook my test. I could not believe it when they handed me the new license to sign and said I no longer had a driving restriction!

I got my glasses when I was 12, and could not even see the blackboard in school due to nearsightedness and astigmatism. In the last 2 years, due to vanity and getting older, I took my glasses off and just lived in a very blurry world except to drive and to go to the movies, when I would put the glasses back on.

I can't believe it! Just one more amazing and unexpected demonstration of the healing power of chi. The lady at the BMV asked if I had surgery. I said !!! Love to all of you that have helped me so much at the workshops and on the internet.


 she threw away her cane and spent all week baking!



I was privileged to take part in your training recently at NICABM in

Palm Springs.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  I have

added Chilel-Qigong to my life every day.  It feels great, and as

'absorb ... release ...' becomes more and more a part of what I do and

who I am, I feel more and more connected to the oneness of the


 I wanted to share a wonderful story with you.  When I was in your

course I sent healing chi to my mother who had been sick for two

years.  She had broken her hip and been treated for lymphoma in her

bones with chemo-therapy and radiation.  She had recovered quite a

bit, but she still had limited energy, she had to use her cane to

walk, and much to our dismay, she still had not gone back to her

amazing baking!  (By the way, 2 years ago before she got sick, she

played tennis 3 times a week.)

 When I got home, my father called to say they were coming over right

away to see me.  It turned out that all of a sudden my mother felt

better - she threw away her cane and spent all week baking!

 See you soon at another training.  And, in the meantime I am pursuing

the Ton Robbins connection - I know he would love you for Mastery



My dizziness was gone and has not returned in over two months

Jan Price

Salt Lake City, Utah

I wanted you to know how much Chi-Lel has helped me.

I have been suffering from vertigo for over a year and half.  This summer it became very debilitating to the point where I would cancel plans because I was just too dizzy. It was difficult for me to do any type of mental work that required concentration.

I read about your workshop and what I was hoping to get out of it was improved concentration and creativity. After the second day when we did the body-mind method, my dizziness was gone and has not returned in over two months!

Not only that, I have an incredible amount of energy and my mind is clear and focused.

I am doing the "lift chi up" every morning and I wouldn't think of not doing it, I feel great!  I also have been doing the full moon ceremony and I feel that it is one of the most powerful energy experiences that I have ever felt!

 Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing to help others!


Small Miracle

Anne Yezzi, Columbus, Ohio

Several years ago I cut my leg on a display unit in a store. It was very slow to heal and in the process I developed psoriasis. It itched and was prone to bleeding sores which were unsightly and uncomfortable. Any time lotion was applied to relieve the scaling the itching and discomfort increased.

For treatment I tried every recommended ointment, oil, solution, and salve. No Improvement: it continued to spread. I wore slacks most of the time to conceal it.

I was introduced to Luke Chan and Chi Lel at a health expo I attended with my T'ai Chi teacher. We were impressed with Luke's demonstration and I purchased a tape from Luke to accept his challenge to practice 100 days.

A few weeks later I had the chance to participate in an eight-hour workshop which Luke was offering locally. We spent time improving and developing the form with a great deal of emphasis on healing. I was skeptical of any specific benefits being derived from my continued practice.

One evening, soon after this workshop, the itching was particularly miserable. It was then I thought to myself, "Why not?" So, as I sat watching TV, I sought to gather chi into my leg. Unable to precisely recall the specific words used in the workshop, I began repeating the word "voila!" I used this word, supposing that it wouldn't make much difference anyhow.

Well, contrary to my expectations, the itching stopped and within days the area of the psoriasis had ceased spreading. Encouraged, I now doubled my efforts along with my daily practice. Within a few weeks my skin was no longer erupting and the sores were beginning to heal . I was able to apply lotion with no negative reaction. Today, only a shadow of scar tissue remains, which is fading. The incurable dermatitis was cured!

This was not a life-threatening condition, but it responded to Chi Lel. My thoughts are that to begin, we may start with small things and increase our capacity for more significant healing. I am still skeptical about the word "cure" but I have no doubt about the healing qualities of Chi Lel. I will stay with my daily practice, believing in the promises of Chi Lel.

Now I no longer get migraine headaches



: : For those that don't know me, I have suffered from chronic migraine since I was 5 ( only 20 years so far :) but since I have been practicing, I have seen a "huge" decrease in the number of headaches and the severity. So until yesterday, I had not gotten a migraine for about 3 weeks which seems like forever. So yesterday came as a big shock, but instead of getting discouraged about it I got excited, because this would be a good way for me to give Luke feedback on his new tape. So I came home, and popped it into the stereo. Needless to say, that tape is so awesome. I just allowed myself to totally let go and allowed my head to totally let go. After about 20 minutes of the tape I was so relaxed and so involved in the whole "chi" thing, I didn't even realize that my headache was gone. I don't know when it left but it did and for anyone that has ever had a migraine, it seemed shocking to me that I didn't notice it leaving. All that aside, the tape really helped me to concentrate in a time when I: didn't even want to think much less do La Chi to a tape. The affirmations and visuals on the tape led me through it so I could focus on "headache chi" disappearing and that made all the difference to me. I wonder what "headache chi" looks like? :) oh well, Just thought I would share. Love to all Becci

I was just thinking this morning, as I was getting ready for work. I was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and as I slid the medicine cabinet door open and saw my "old" prescription bottles sitting in there - I was reminded that I can't even remember the last time I had a migraine! :) I am so close to being able to say - " I used to get chronic migraines" and it really awes me. I mean only a year ago, I had a neurologist tell me, at 23 years old, that there was nothing else he could do for me - if he could only see me now. lots of love and only 8 days to go until my first 100 days is complete! :) Becci

Hi - I have also gotten rid of migraines by using ChiLel. I used to get them everyday - almost no moments of relief but I learned to live with them taking daily medication. When I found ChiLel though, I stopped all my medication and found that after about a month I only got them a couple days a week and they were less severe, and as I kept practicing they gradually decreased until now I no longer get migraine headaches. when i was still getting them though, I used to sit and listen to the Journey tape, in the dark and start doing La Chi. I would gather enough healing chi between my hands that I could "feel" it and then would deliver that to my head. I would do this over and over and my headaches would disappear. So when you make the decision to quit all meds or get to the point where no meds seem to work anymore - try doing La Chi. It is very quiet, very little movement, and you can do it in the dark so there is not a lot of light to bother your head. Turn the tape on low and start practicing - it worked for me and was a huge breakthrough that I knew I could defeat them if they did come. Much loving chi to you all!!! Becci


                Here is Becci’s La Chi visualization: As I pull my hands apart I visualize that my hands are out in the starry sky and as I bring them together again, I bring in all of the chi (huan yan chi)  as the stars and they form a large glowing mass between my hands.  Each time it gets larger and stronger and when it has reached a really strong, large ball of chi - I take that ball and deliver it to wherever I have pain or stress and visualize it washing over the area and changing all of the pain/stress to a glowing area of huan yan chi.  Then I repeat that again - growing a large glowing ball and then deliver it to the area of need.  It becomes a glowing penetrating ball that almost pulsates with healing  energy.


 First time in about 15 years becoming pain free

  David M. Brown

 Muncie, IN

I wish also to thank you for the recent seminar at Oakwood Farms, IN. It is a

challenging process to work toward the basic instructor level but

interestingly, my right knee, which has been chronically inflamed from many athletic 

injuries in the past, is for the first time in about 15 years becoming pain free. A

small step as I have other chronic maladies which seem more preeminent but I

suppose the chi will prioritize its tasks in its own enigmatic way.

 Having been involved with health care for the past 16 years in this country

it has become too clear to me that what we in this country offer people for

health care is of limited value and quite expensive. Chi-Lel is a revelation in many ways

and quite simply offers a powerful way for healing which includes the whole person

(rather than an organ system) and with a phenomenal "track record." I have no

special talent to offer but I am not the issue even though I am using the 1st

person pronoun "I." Many need to learn of Chi-Lel. Perhaps there will be a

place for me to join in this journey to help someone else as I am being


 Hoa La, Ha Lo, Yee Hah


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